Wednesday, January 13, 2010

20 down, 20 to go

Weeks, not pounds. Dear God, let's hope not pounds.

Now that we know baby2 is a boy, I can't help but compare these two pregnancies. Just for fun. I guess they haven't been so similar after all.

Speaking of weight, I have gained at least 5 pounds more now than with Morgan. (I haven't kept nearly as precise notes this time as I did with Morgan...) I started out lighter this time, but man is baby2 helping me pack on the pounds. Just when I think I've popped, I pop again. Of course, I started showing sooner (typical of second + pregnancies) but I started wearing my maternity clothes at the same time, around Christmas. My belly (my view looking down at least) looks the same, I am rounder than I am wide. Phew! Here's a visual:
Damn, I'm pale. Baby looks higher this time. I'm sure before I know it there is going to be a wild dance party up in my ribcage. And my belly button has already popped.

Cravings with Morgan: Whoppers, Taco Bell, Italian food, chocolate and fruit, fruit, fruit. Cravings with baby2: anything salty (chips, crackers and popcorn), somewhat spicy (Thai food and salsa), sour gummies and Wild Cherry Pepsi. Of course, lunchmeat would be nice. I'm dying for a #5 at Jimmy Johns. And sushi.

I never got sick (cold/flu) with Morgan. I've already been sick twice with baby2.

I told my OB about a tingly sensation I get in my hands every once in a while. She smiled and nodded, and said it was
carpel tunnel syndrome. Fantastic! Luckily it should go away after he is born.

My skin has been a lot drier this time around too. I even developed a little eczema on my right hand but as long as I slather on the Aveeno, it's not so bad.

I was able to wear my wedding ring through my pregnancy with Morgan. This time it is already feeling a smidge snug.

I can't feel our little guy move and kick as much as I did Morgan at this point, but my doctor said it's probably because the placenta is right up front, absorbing some of the baby's movement. What I have felt though has been much more gentle than Morgan.

In other baby news, I will be scheduling another ultrasound (geez, #4)
for mid-March to check on my partial placenta previa. Doc said it fixes itself in 80% of women who have it. Around that time is the test for gestational diabetes. Let's hope that isn't going to be another difference between these pregnances.

I haven't made a decision about a VBAC or a scheduled Cesarean section. I'm still weighing the pro's and con's. Right now they are dead nuts even.

She also gave me family practice and pediatrician recommendations. I like that they are in the same building as my OB and hope to meet them soon.


  1. Wow, I fear having a boy if I had the same cravings -- I already crave gummy bears! =) I like to hear all the updates -- looking good too! Hope to see you all soon...

  2. I guess the pregnancies aren't that similar are they. Love the comparisons tho. Seem a little weird saying "he"? How's the decorating ideas coming?