Monday, December 14, 2009

Cookie Fest 2009

Kristin, my mom and I had a very successful cookie making day on Saturday. Kristin made peanut butter gingerbread cookies, my mom made chocolate covered cherry cookies, and I made butterscotch oatmeal cookies. We each went home with over 60 cookies, and while I thought that sounded (and looked) like a lot, Mark and I (mostly I) have already put a nice dent in our cookie stash. And Morgan too. She loves the (unglazed) gingerbread cookies. I was going to take some to work to share, but, too bad for them. I'm not sharing! At least it's helping with my milk/calcium intake. Here are a few pics from our day (thank you Kristin for actually using your camera!).
I realized this is one of the very few photos of Morgan and I. Ever. Here is my 'lil maraschino cherry lover. I'm surprised my mom had any left for her cookies. The evidence is on her shirt. :) She is so funny. Now when she sees my KitchenAid mixer on the counter, she says "cookie". Good girl!Morgan and Gramm.Morgan figured out that she can reach Aunt Kristin's cookies on the cooling rack. What a hoot!Ahhh, and she would not stop climbing on the coffee table. Thank goodness there was nothing on it. This shot is Morgan trying to sneak down after Kristin caught her. Since then, she has been using her Radio Flyer bike at home to climb onto chairs and the TV stand at home. All of a sudden she is a climber. Fantastic!

So, that was my Saturday. I will return later with pictures from Mark's Saturday. In the meantime, I am hoping for a quieter and calmer week than last. And that my clingy little snuggle bunny can fall asleep tonight without a fuss.


  1. I had a blast on Saturday. I think that we had our most successful cookie making day ever because I still can't decide which ones I like the best. I have to have one of each, every time I go reach for one because I can't decide which one to have. Morgan sneaking a cookie is the cutest thing too. Glad I had my camera handy!

  2. Awesome cookies----I know I couldn't keep my hands off them yesterday! Dad thinks their pretty good too. It was so nice to spend time with Morgan too. Maraschino cherries ARE yummy. :)