Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Wrap-up

We had a long non-stop Christmas weekend starting with Christmas morning at home. Mark and I opened our gifts to each other the night before so we could make Christmas morning all about Morgan. She totally knew what to do with her gifts and ripped them up quite easily. The problem was she wanted to sit and play with each toy before moving on to the next one. We hustled her through it, got dressed and head to my parents for brunch.Morgan opened her gifts, but not without a couple of wardrobe changes because she just had to try on her new clothes. She got a lot of great toys and our Secret Santa's were very good to us too. :)

On Saturday we celebrated with Mark's dad and stepmom and brothers. After Morgan's nap, we went to Eagle to spend the afternoon with the whole Reaves family and ended the evening at Mark's mom and stepdad's where we crashed and had a slumber party.
On Sunday we enjoyed brunch and Morgan was bombarded with more gifts from Grandma and Grandma Goulding and her uncles. Mark packed up our load and we drove home just in time for a nap and the Lions kickoff. It wasn't time to rest quite yet though because we had one more nearby party to attend at Morgan's BFF, Lola's house. They were so cute to watch, squealing through the house like little girls do, babbling and giggling. Man, do I wish I knew what they were "saying".

We had a wonderful weekend visiting and celebrating with our families but I am so happy to be home. It was a huge 'note to self' for next year. I am exhausted and poor Morgan hasn't been at home and awake for more than an hour since Thursday. She's spent more time playing with everyone else's toys and finally, today, she can spend more than 10 minutes playing without being swooped up to leave or go to bed. Next up today, we are going sledding in a little bit. And by we I mean Mark and Morgan. Baby2 and I will be waiting at the bottom of the hill with camera in hand. Later!


  1. Wow! Reading everything you guys did this weekend made me tired! I'd love to see sledding pictures too (not to pressure you into a new posting so soon, but you know...) =)

  2. Love the update and the video!