Sunday, December 6, 2009

18 Months Old

My baby is 18 months (and one day) old today. Here's the scoop on what's going on with her now:

Tooth 13 popped through on Thanksgiving weekend.

Morgan is enunciating her words - especially her R's and K's. Words like more, cookie, buckle and milk are so clear now.

She loves her new temporary bedroom. She just giggled when Mark put her crib back together last weekend.

I'm not completely sure if we are going to take Morgan to see Santa this year. She has been having some clingy spells the last few weeks, especially after the holiday and the long weekend and all of the "strangers". She likes to be held and she likes to be "up" with us. I suppose we still have time to decide.Every now and then we practice drinking from a cup. Mama needs to buy smaller cups, but regardless, she's doing awesome.

Morgan is starting to (try) to dress herself. She's loved wearing or giving Mark and I our shoes to wear for quite a while, but she's recently started trying to dress herself in her clothes (and ours). She can put her hat on by herself too, and loves to wear it around the house, even if we aren't going outside.
I can already imagine the independence and power struggles we are going to have in the coming months when she insists on dressing herself.

She loves to modeling us in other ways too. When we were sitting at the table after eating lunch this afternoon, Mark had his arms crossed and she fussed with her arms, looking down at hers, then checking his until she got it just right. This morning, she followed me around with her modified Swiffer and helped me sweep the floors.

She can distinguish between hockey, football and basketball on TV. Hockey seems to be her favorite :)

Her 18 month appointment isn't until Friday. We'll get a height and weight update then.

Edited to add:

Morgan is perfecting her closed mouth kiss. She can pucker for kisses now (and smacks her lips when blowing kisses) and we have been the recipients of fewer and fewer wet, tongue-y kisses.

A couple of new words that she's picked up on are "mote" (remote), "mine-a-min" (vitamin) and of course, snow. We've been talking about Santa and asking what he says. HO HO HO!

Morgan LOVES 'This Little Piggy'. She always asks "again?", even if I've recited 50 times.

On nights when Mark is working on the renovation, Morgan has been a big help cleaning up her books and toys before bed (a chore I used to save until after we put her to bed at night). Sometimes we'll swaddle her baby and put her to bed too, after reading her Curious George Good Night book.

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  1. What a sweetie! It's amazing to know how independent she is already. That'll be cute to see what she chooses to wear when she can dress herself. She has all cute clothes -- it'll just be a matter of seeing what she mix-matches together! =)