Sunday, December 13, 2009

18. 24. 33. Hut!

Happy football Sunday to you!

At 18 months, Morgan is 24 pounds and 33 inches tall. Her doctor is very pleased with her development and how cooperative she was during her checkup. She also needed to get a couple vaccines (complete with a grape sucker). We found out that our doctor will be leaving her practice in March and persuing research, so we have about 6 months to find a new doctor for Morgan and baby2. So mommies, I'll take all the referrals I can get. I hate doctor shopping.

Go Lions! Ha ha...

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  1. We LOVE our pedi. Although we've only had her for a couple of months (our original left us too.) Her name is Dr. Molly O'Shea, and it would be a bit of a drive for you, but she is in Birmingham. Actually, I think it's Troy, but it's called Birmingham Pediatrics. Her office is amazing, and there is no waiting, ever. She's fantastic, and I'm picky. We do an alternate vaccine schedule, and I don't care about high allergen foods, I don't like antibiotics for everything, and she's with me on a lot. You can email her on off hours and she'll write back asap. Love, love, love.