Thursday, November 5, 2009

17 Months

Man, Morgan is just one month away from being a year and a half old! Here are a few things that are going on now.

Her vocabulary is growing every day. The chalkboard that we used to keep track of the words she knows is full and then some. We've completely lost count of the words she knows and uses consistently.

Morgan loves music and loves to dance. Even if we are sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch, she'll sway her body to the tunes playing in the living room. It's so adorable. She also likes to be sung to when she's getting a clean diaper - usually 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'...and then she asks, 'again?'

Not only is her love of music something that Mark and I share with her, but her love of drawing is as well. If you want to call her creations at this point 'drawings'. Morgan loves to have a pencil or marker or crayon in her hands and has already taken ownership of one of Mark's sketchbooks. The trick is keeping her art on paper and not on the walls and cabinets. And the crayons out of her mouth. She can expect to find these crayon rocks in her stocking this year. Morgan really likes stickers too and knows just where to find them in my scrapbooking stash.
I can't make it sound like Morgan likes everything though. Because she doesn't. :) The only time she seems to get truly upset is when she is being taken from a situation where she is having fun, like coloring, playing outside, or washing her hands. She always asks for more soap, more bubbles, and loves to turn the water on and off. Oh, or if she eats all of her crackers before we get home from school, she asks for more, and I tell her she ate them all. End. Of. The. World.

The 'fall back' change faired well for us. We kept Morgan up just 30-60 minutes later than normal a couple days before the change and she was back on schedule. We were up a bit earlier than usual on Sunday morning, listening to Morgan from her crib. "Mama...Dada...Up...Eat"

I am kinda sorta thinking in the back of my head of starting to introduce Morgan to the idea of potty training. Only because she hates to sit in a dirty diaper, and she is interested, not because I want her out of diapers already. Maybe we'll find a good book and a cute 'lil potty soon.


  1. It sure doesn't hurt to introduce her to the potty. And if she doesn't want to use it, that's ok too. I can't get over how much she looks like Emma at that age in some of your photos :)

  2. It's so cool that her creativity is starting to show. Love hearing about her daily life.

  3. The pictures of her laying on the floor, looking totally comfortable coloring/drawing, are adorable. You can't lose with trying to potty train...its worth a shot!