Wednesday, October 7, 2009


On Sunday we met another neighbor and she (very apologetically) dropped off a card and a delicious basket of homemade cookies and brownies for Mark and I. That was such a nice surprise!
Last weekend my parents came over to drop off a load of stuff that we started storing at their house last spring (and beyond) when we put the condo up for sale. Among the things were a bunch of toys that Morgan likely has no recollection of - like her Bumbo chair. The fit is a little snug and it's funny to see that her feet actually touch the floor when she sits in it. She played with that chair for a long time, on and off, all weekend long. She also loves dragging around her PBK Clancey bears and a super cute monkey that my friend and co-worker Vickey gave me for Morgan's baby shower. She pulls the monkey around squealing 'EE-EE-EE' (very high pitched and very loud). It's so cute, you just have to watch your eardrums.

Morgan has had a bit of a runny nose and I think she is beginning to understand the concept of blowing your nose, kind of. She knows when she needs a tissue and she is getting better and better about letting us wipe her nose for her. As long as we ask first and wipe gently.
I'm hearing a lot more "mama" lately. Morgan has a family board at school that is full of pictures of her with us and other family members. When I would pick her up after work she used to exclaim "dada" but the last week or so it's been all mama. Woot woot! She's making it quite clear when she needs our undivided attention too by coming up to our legs and tugging on our pants as hard as she can. That is usually followed by a request for a snack or "book...up" (meaning, read me a book on the couch).

Speaking of family, I think Auntie K will be shocked to learn that we don't need to shorten her name. Morgan is trying to say Kristin (Ti-tin). All I can think of when I hear that is "Ti-in wah sum tu-a!?!?" Bwah ha ha!Morgan is all ready for the snow now too, as we bought her first snowsuit and boots last weekend. She really seems to like it too - she was running around the clothing racks at the store when we had her try it on. I can't wait to see her reaction to the snow. We are very excited to take her sledding this year.

I will close for now with this. I heard this song during the week 1 presentation for Ali Edwards online scrapbooking class. All I can say is woah.

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  1. LOVE IT! I love that picture of her looking at the deer. And playing with her in the snow will be awesome! She's going to love it! It was also great to hear her say my name today...thats hilarious that she can say it just as good as the 5 year old we used to live across the street from. Can't wait to see you again soon! =) Love ya!