Friday, October 23, 2009

crab apple

Morgan's crankiness and low grade fever crisis last week turned into 2 new teeth - her 4th lower incisor (finally) and the first tooth in her second set of (pre)molars. I haven't seen/felt that one for myself yet - so we'll just say she's up to at least 12 teeth now!
Morgan's 'words I know' chalkboard is nearly full. New words as of late: again, coat, cold, airplane and of course, mine. I had to know that one was coming sooner or later. We are working on 'trick or treat' for next week :)

Last Sunday we visited Kristin and Troy for a celebratory dinner and trip to their new house. Word on the street is they've been very busy cleaning and packing and getting ready for the big move. How exciting! Big congrats to the new homeowners.

This weekend we are taking a road trip up north with my family to see my grandparents. Not only have they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this month, but my grandpa will be 85 on Monday - holy sweetness!
Happy weekend!


  1. That will be so cute--her saying trick or treat. She sure is a smart little girl. :)

  2. Morgan is TOO cute! Love the pigtails!

    If you don't mind me asking...what is that GORGEOUS wall color???? I love it!

  3. Thanks Kris! I wish I knew the paint color - it was here when we moved in. I call it 'sage green' ;)