Friday, September 11, 2009


Outside my window I'm watching a squirrel climb through our rose of sharon, knocking down the dying buds. Man, is that a messy shrub.

I am thankful Morgan slept really well last night without her paci.

I am thinking I need to backup my mac soon. It's been a while.

From the kitchen: I made this peach cucumber salsa to snack on with tortilla chips tonight. It's really yummy, and easy. I hope there is some left when Mark gets home.

I am wearing jeans and a white t.

I am creating a scrapbook layout of Morgan from last September. It's missing something though.

I am inspired by this new blog.

I am going to wash Morgan's new fall clothes.

I am reading the September issue of Cookie magazine.

I am remembering where I was 8 years ago today.

I am looking forward to getting my hair cut this afternoon.

I am hearing the garbage truck roll down the street.

Around the house: Mark's grass seed is coming in nicely. It looks great and I'm surprised at how fast it grew. Nice job babe!

Plans for next week: the calendar is rather empty next week. Just Morgan's 15 month appointment on Friday. And a teeth cleaning for me. Fun.

Have a great weekend!

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