Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mid Month Progress and a Sneak

I'm a little behind.As of this afternoon, I have completed 13 layouts for Morgan's album. I'm clippin' right along. Or is that croppin' right along?

As I was looking through more bits and pieces of stuff with my mom, I know my total layouts will inevitably be more than 39. I also want to include our hospital bill, ID bracelets, Morgan's baby announcement, a family tree I need to complete, even clippings from Morgan's first (and second) haircuts. Lots of fun goodies that will be cool to look back at in 5...10...20 years from now. 39 will remain the goal though. Let's not push it.
I'm doing really well with putting a dent in my stash too. I am using my last duck runner though and I'm not going to be able to finish this big project without some adhesive.I hope I can do this. Or else I know I'm not going to touch this album until after the holidays. Let's go!


  1. I got my fingers crossed for you. Maybe a cropping marathon weekend is in order. :)

  2. waitaminute....39 layouts for her first year? You're gonna end up with way more than that!! I've got like 50 done and I'm in Jack's 3rd month!

  3. 'just keep scrapping' (said in my best Dorrie voice)
    Did you know they changed the duck? I am so mad!

  4. You are probably right Emily. 39 was just what I happened to have journaled and pics printed for. I really just want to have one big album and a few mini's for her first year.

    Are you serious Sue, they changed the duck? UGH! Now is not the time to be experimenting with adhesive. =P

  5. Good luck..can't wait to see the end result...again its very impressive to get all that done with everything else you do on a daily basis!