Wednesday, September 9, 2009

keep on keepin on

Somehow Monday turned into Wednesday but I still thought I'd gab about our Labor Day weekend. I kicked some major butt on Friday and got so much done that I threw away my to do list that afternoon. As Morgan would say, "all done"! Aunty K and Uncle Troy came over on Saturday and while the guys golfed, us girls ran laps around Shiawassee Park (after enjoying a little ice cream at Silver Dairy, of course). My parents visited on Sunday and we had dinner at Antonio's. Man, I thought Mark was a junkie for their bread. Morgan is following him in a close second. I wish I had a video to show you her face when we torn off a piece for her to inhale. She went nuts!!!
Morgan's 15 month appointment is next Friday. It should be a rather short and sweet visit with no lecturing and only a few tears. She's been incredibly fun and all of a sudden it's like she is a little girl - talking, giggling and pulling whole pieces of fruit from the refrigerator and digging right in. (Peaches and kiwis are this weeks favorite.) Morgan is starting to sit still longer for story time - not only will she initiate having a book read to her, but we can flip through all of the pages without her leaping up and running away out of boredom (or chewing on the pages). The other night she took a book to Mark, climbed up on the couch, he read it to her and she got another. And another (x 7). This afternoon when I picked her up at school she was sitting on the pillows and narrating a book to her friends, pointing to the pictures and making up her own story. I thought it was adorable watching her as she mocked her teachers.

This weekend: Catching up with a good friend. Snuggling a new baby. Refilling the refrigerator. Packing our bags. ODing on apple cider and donuts. Getting dressed up. Celebrating love.


  1. That's great that Morgan's showing a genuine interest in the books. It's pretty funny that she's imitating her teachers. Too bad we don't know what she was saying.

  2. Awesome! I'd love to have another teacher in the family. How cute. I can't believe she sits still for entire books (or 7) already...many 1st graders can't even do that! Love that last picture of her too! =)