Sunday, September 13, 2009

weekends so fast, you'll freak

I can't believe this weekend is already over. We packed a lot in the last few days. I wish this post was more photo heavy than it is.

The new baby I got to snuggle on Friday belonged to my co-worker and friend, Rachalle. Her sweet little girl, Anna, was born almost 7 weeks ago and I finally got a chance to visit them and their new house. She is such a cutie and wow, did holding her bring back some wonderful memories. Awww...

On Saturday morning, we made our first visit of the year to Parmenter's Cider Mill in Northville. Delicioso! If you've even been there, you know there is never a shortage of BEES buzzing around you while you try to enjoy your cider outside. Now, they keep fly swatters on the picnic tables. (Not that I'm a bee killing advocate, but they do come in handy. I know those little buggers smell my fear.) Morgan loved playing in the kids playhouses and 'quacking' at the ducks. She did not love us trying to keep her from jumping in the river to swim with them. She thinks she is invincible.

We head to Lansing that afternoon to drop Morgan off with Grandma, and then on to Grand Rapids for our friend Mike + Tara's wedding reception at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel (which was beautiful!). We had a super fun time with our bestest friends - a little dancing, a little Thunderstruck, and a lot of reminiscing. And amaretto sours.
This morning we got to hear all about Morgan's evening with Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Nick and Uncle Pat. There was a lot of eating, a lot of body part identification and a lot of laughter. Mark's Aunt Nancy also brought over her too-cute-for-words granddaughter, Nevaeh. She is so smiley and happy and loved Morgan. I think Morgan got a kick out of her too, until I held Nevaeh. Then, not so much.

After we got home we packed up again. Mark made plans with some friends to ride his bike at Tree Farms in Novi this afternoon, so Morgan and I were going to head to the beach in Walled Lake. We changed into our suits and Mark loaded up his bike while Morgan taught herself how to use a Camelbak!Except "beach season" is over. Bah! So we ran around the park, playing on the swings and flying down the slides while daddy ripped around on his bike. I was pretty disappointed, this nice weather isn't going to last forever...

But now, it's time to catch up on some sleep with a belly full of pad thai, not a belly full of booze.


  1. Did Morgan have any cider or donuts? Happy you had such an awesome weekend! Wish we could see pics of little Anna.

  2. Morgan did have a donut! She wasn't jazzed about the cider though. She still seems to only like water or milk.