Friday, September 18, 2009

15 Month Update

This afternoon was Morgan's 15 month appointment. She is 22 1/2 pounds and 32 1/4 inches tall.

All of this jabber is mostly for my record, of course, you are welcome to follow along if you are at all interested:
I've mentioned in the past Morgan's newfound love of books (reading them, not eating them) She especially loves picture books (mostly animals...more later) and "I Love You Through and Through". Reading books is not an uncommon stall tactic when she knows it's time for bed.

Animals stop Morgan in her tracks. We have a lot of dogs (and deer) in the neighborhood and she squeals with excitement when she sees them. Even when she sees a spider in her books, she says 'issy bissy' and makes the motion with her fingers. Yup peanut, just like itsy bitsy.

Favorite songs: Bob Segar's Old Time Rock and Roll (thanks to school) and The Wheels on the Bus. I sing it to her just to watch her do the hand gestures for opening and shutting the door and beeping the horn. Once or twice a month Morgan gets to go to music class at school and her teachers rave about how much she loves it. I hope to see her in action the next time she goes. (Note to self: this is just one of the things I love about her daycare. They encourage parents to come see their little ones during the day, and participate in their activities).
Hiding is a new game Morgan loves. Now that the (someday) guest room door is open, she likes to run in there and close the door behind her. She's not really good at it yet, because we can always hear her giggling, or she runs out to scare us ('BOO!') We play along though.

Morgan has found a great deal of enjoyment in unwinding the toilet paper from the roll too. Unfortunately I couldn't hold back a little smirk when I found her in the bathroom with a pile of tp at her feet. For now we just have to keep the rolls on the counter.
Morgan's eating habits come and go. She definitely has a preference towards certain foods. Our morning banana routine continues but now she likes to sit up on the counter and watch me cut it up. Some of her favorite foods include spaghetti, corn, saltine crackers, any and all fruit, pb+j rollups and daddy's grilled chicken.
Morgan is saying a lot of words now, as well as making animal noises. Of course they aren't all clear as a bell, but we know what she is saying. We've started keeping track of them on our chalkboard in the kitchen. Sure looks like a lot when you write them all down - the board will be full in no time! Crazy!

Something I thought was hilarious that I noticed a couple weeks ago, whenever Morgan hears a lawnmower, she says 'dada'. Even if he is right there - obviously not mowing the lawn. Just a neat little association.

She has become more aware of her bodily functions and is very prompt to let us know that she's gone potty, especially #2.

Morgan is still sleeping really well. She is usually falls asleep around 8pm and is up at 7am, plus a 2-hour nap from noon to 2pm. We are working on weaning her from her pacifier, which she only gets at night when she goes to bed. I have mixed feelings about it, but so far so good.

With the change in seasons, I've been replacing Morgan's 12 month summer clothes - which she has just about grown out of - with more cool weather wear in a larger size. She continues to wear 12-18 months (Gap and Old Navy) or 18 months (Carters and Target) clothes and size 5 shoes.

Oh how things have changed since a year ago...That's all for now. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love all the pics and updates. Her vocabulary is real impressive and the "issy bissy" is just too cute. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. What a beautiful girl! She looks just like her Mommy in the first photo :)

  3. LOVE this update. I love that first picture (is that a professional picture from school?) and all the words she's saying (and songs she's singing). Very interesting that she's telling you when she's gone potty training on the horizon already? I've already said how excited I am about her reading books, but it's such a good sign of good things to come. Maybe she'll start on numbers next? =)

  4. Yup, the first picture is her 'school picture' this year! I don't think potty training is in our near future yet...she needs to learn how to pull her pants down first :)