Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Party Central

That's what it's been around here. It seems this whole summer has been one big party - full of weddings and birthdays - and this past weekend was no exception.

On Saturday, Mark's long-time friend Jared, and Sara got married in Plymouth. The last time I had seen them was last year - we were watching the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup playoffs - hoping for another win (and hoping I wasn't going to go into labor in Jared's apartment). It was nice to enjoy some wine and hang out with everyone again and see pictures of their little ones (a bunch of us had babies last year and haven't seen each other since). Congrats to Sara and Jared!

On Sunday, Mark made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast (his specialty!) and then loaded up the rest of the pile of shrubs sitting in our driveway while Morgan and I visited with Grandma Goulding, Aunt Nancy and Mason. Then, it was off to Lansing to celebrate Brody's first birthday at Burchfield Park. What a great place for a party! Morgan loved running around, climbing the stairs and riding in the swings. But she really LOVED Brody's new battery operated ATV. And she CRIED when Tim took it to the car to pack up Brody's gifts. Hence, it has been added to Morgan's wish list. Happy Birthday (TODAY!) Brody.

We've got a few new things going on with Morgan. She is up to 10 teeth and eating so well. She's loving all the fresh summer fruit, especially blueberries and watermelon, which she can spear very easily with her little fork. Even though she gets breakfast at school, I have been splitting a banana with her in the morning to hold her over. Last week she started signing "more" (mo) when she is done so now she's practically eating the whole thing herself!She also likes to walk around in my shoes. Morgan doesn't love everything though. She likes playing in the water but recently started to hate baths. I've tried everything from changing the water temperature to getting in the tub with her to giving her more toys and she just will not sit down and stop crying. I'm not sure what the deal is. Maybe she misses the big pool in Mexico.

On the agenda this weekend, we are heading to Cadillac to Kristin's in-laws for a Perez wedding reception party. Go, go, go...that's how we roll.

P.S. Kristin blogged about her wedding today if anyone wants to see some of the professional pictures.

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