Friday, July 24, 2009

Los Cabos: The Wedding

At 6pm on Thursday July 16, our dad walked Kristin down the aisle to meet her groom-to-be. She was beautiful and everything about the day was perfect. There are 100's of pictures floating around out there (can you believe they already got their photos back from the photographer? And they are awesome!) This is just a sampling of a few I got:At 8pm, 15 of us took our seats for dinner. So yummy - probably my favorite of the week. We had fresh asparagus with cherry tomato and parmesan, tomato cream with basil soup, filet mignon, lobster tail and coconut cake.

While we ate and clanged glasses for Kristin and Troy (even Morgan started banging her sippy cup with a spoon!), we relaxed and enjoyed each others company. Especially Mark and I, as this was our final night in Los Cabos. And of course Kristin. We hadn't talked much about it but I'm sure she was breathing a sigh of relief that everything had gone so well. Would you agree sis?

Tonight, it was Mark's turn to hang out with everyone, so while Morgan and I enjoyed some quiet snuggling, they went down to the lounge for a Rock Band tournament. Except when the staff plugged in the Xbox to the projector, the outlet sparked and blew up the machine. No Rock Band tonight and man, were they bummed (we were among some RB superstars!). They decided to call it a night because the guys had to be up super early for their deep sea fishing trip the next morning. And I'm sure the newlyweds were ready for some alone time.
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Troy Perez. We wish you all the love, laughter and happiness in the world. XO

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  1. Thanks a bunch. Yes, I was so happy that everything turned out perfectly. Couldn't have asked for anything to be different (well, except a few degrees off the 105 temperature maybe) -- it was an awesome day and we are extremely happy that it went off without a hitch, with all the people we love in attendance!

  2. OMG!:!: Thats what iv'e been waiting for. Such a beautiful Bride. Thanks for all the great pictures such a wonderful event in your family I love love love your blogs. See you in the morning.