Thursday, July 23, 2009

Los Cabos: Day 5 + 6

On Wednesday, the guys and girls split up and enjoyed their respective pre-wedding day activities. The guys took an ATV tour while us girls got pampered with our own spa day. Kristin connected with a woman in Cabo that has a staff of women that travel to the resorts in the area to do facials, manicures, pedicures - so instead of packing up our stuff to go somewhere - they came to us! While the guys were buzzin' around in the 100 degree desert sand, we got to relax in Kristin and Troy's nice cool honeymoon suite and get our nails did.That night we all met back up and had an amazing dinner at Portofino. Yup, Italian in Mexico! With fabulous wine. Too much wine for me, cuz I ended up joining the crew down at the lounge after dinner for karaoke night. And I DO NOT do karaoke. It's a dark pic, but here are the girls rocking out to Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics. Nice! Later, Ian got up and performed Sweet Caroline and Troy sang Ring of Fire. Damn that free liquor.Then it was Thursday! The Big Day! But not before some food, drinks and pool time. While Morgan napped, we kicked Troy out of their room and Kristin and I did each other's hair, got dressed, laced up Kristin's gown and bustle, threw down a lava flow and walked down to the gazebo at 5:45...

...but this wedding deserves it's own post. So I'll share more tomorrow.

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  1. Yeah! I don't do karaoke either! That says a lot for the alcohol there huh?!? =) When you mention Morgan in the pool, all I think about is her saying "Ball? Ball?" Too bad you didn't have a sound recording of that to put on here...too cute!