Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Los Cabos: Day 3 + 4

On Monday, instead of our morning pool visit, we decided to take the 30 minute walk east to a swimmable beach. The beach that the resort sat on almost always had rough waters and high waves (we could hear the waves all the way up in our room) so we packed up some snacks and water and hauled ourselves through the course sand to a beach where we could go in the water.
Morgan loved the water...and got mad when the waves went away. It was a tiring walk, but I'm glad we could get Morgan in the salt water. It sure did poop her out too and fell asleep in my arms on the way back to the resort.After lunch it was back to the pool and our water baby was running around everywhere. While following the stone border along the pool edge and waving to some guests, she fell in the pool! No worries though, I was about 2 feet behind her and jumped in and swooped her up. The people around us gasped and I was expecting her to cry out of shock, but she didn't make a peep. Crazy girl! I set her down to walk back to our chairs and she was a little dizzy, but completely fine.

For dinner, we went to Himitsa for some Asian cuisine. Our entrees were good, but the desserts were fab. You've heard of fried ice cream, right? Well Mark had tempura ice cream. Oh my, I was drooling! And totally jealous that I didn't get the same thing.

On Tuesday the bride and groom arrived, as well as the rest of their wedding guests. Before lunch, Mark played against some other guests and the entertainment staff in a ping pong tournament and kicked their butts! Woohoo! Once everyone got settled, we met them at the pool for drinks - Kristin and Troy, our parents (missing below), Troy's mom and step-dad, Val and Derek, Erin and Bryan and Kelly and Ian.A bunch of us had dinner together that night and geared up for the big wedding day eve activities the next day. Here are a few more pics from these two days:
There was a shallow (think bath tub water depth) section in the pool that was perfect for Morgan to sit in and splash us.
This girl is crazy about shoes, her own and everyone else's. If she wasn't chasing after a random ball sitting on the pool deck, she was trying to snatch other people's sandals. Here she is helping daddy put his on (and take them off, and put them on...).
There was a small pond outside our suite that we passed each time we went down to the pool that was the home for 8-10 turtles. Morgan would have loved to jump in after them.

Tomorrow: Days 5 + 6


  1. Sweet pictures can't wait to see days 5 & 6. That would be the bride right?

  2. great pix! Can't wait to see more!