Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's up, doc?

Morgan had her one year checkup on Monday and all is well...for the most part. Other than the obvious vaccines (ouch) and blood draw (blech!) her growth curve has tapered off a little bit. Our little peanut measures 20 pounds and 28 1/2" tall - only a 1/2" taller and less than 2 pounds heavier than her 9 month checkup. Hmm...I'd like to chalk it up to her being such an active little busy body. Hopefully that is the case. We will have to go back again in a month for a height and weight check to see if there is any improvement. Morgan is such a good eater and doesn't have any allergies, I hope it's nothing to be concerned about.

We got the go ahead to give Morgan whole milk and I think she's totally over baby food now. She pretty much just eats what we are having. If not, she is grabbing for our food anyways! Now I need to find a way to use up all these puree cubes. We also discovered on Monday that Morgan has two molars! That explains the water faucet drooling sessions the last week or so. This girl just never stops.

It looks like Morgan is starting to transition to one nap a day. She used to take naps around 10:30 and 2:30 but that morning nap is getting later and later. At school they allot 2 1/2 hours for naptime after lunch and she has made the adjustment really well.

Speaking of school, Morgan will officially be a full time toddler starting on Monday. For the last two weeks she has spent most of the day in the toddler room, and I usually have to go there to pick her up in the afternoon. They play lots of games, enjoy sensory projects, reading and singing and going outside twice a day. And, Mondays are Water Day - they get to go outside and play in the sprinklers. I need to remember to pack up her little beach towel and bikini! I'm a little nervous to drop her off there next week - we've had such a routine for the last 9 months. This mama needs to just suck it up and deal with the changes. One change I am enjoying though is not making bottles and packing food every night. Which also means fewer dishes. I like that!


  1. she will love Mondays!!!
    I dig that pink and brown rug. I need it!

  2. I am shocked at her "slow" growth. The girl eats and eats...especially after that cake on Saturday, I'm shocked! =)

  3. Morgan has a good appetite. And she is a busy little girl. I wouldn't think that her small weight gain should be a problem.