Thursday, June 25, 2009

strut your stuff

Last Sunday, Mark filled up Morgan's new swimming pool we got her for her birthday. It wasn't even 10am and she was splashing away outside. I might as well have jumped in too because I was wet. And still in my pjs. Hence, no water pics.

But I do have a few of her prancing around afterwards in her little bikini. She just wanted to walk and walk and walk. She loves walking up and down the path between the driveway and the patio and really loves walking in the street. Luckily, somehow, I've gotten it in her head that she must hold my hand in the street and in parking lots. We walked quite a way through the neighborhood when she stopped, looked up at me with a sigh and held her arms out. She finally pooped out and we walked back home.(Pay no attention to the f-ing weeds growing in our garden. It's non-stop. I've come to the realization that weeding is going to be the focus this summer. Maybe next year I'll work on planting and filling in all the gaps. Although I'm tempted to just start from scratch. There really isn't much worth salvaging. =P )
In 3 weeks, this chickie will be Mrs. Troy Perez and in almost 2 weeks we are all hopping on a jet plane to a land far, far away to watch it all happen. This weekend we're going to do a trial run on hair and makeup, hang out, catch up and maybe see if we can get lil Mo to sit still long enough to paint her nails. HA HA HA! Not without some really good quick drying polish.


  1. What cute pictures! (I feel your pain with the weeds....with this heat and all the rain they're unstoppable.)

  2. Look at that little bikini. She better be careful in about 15 years in that bikini -- she'll be unstoppable!

  3. too cute for words!
    I weed almost daily and I still can't keep up! Might as well enjoy Mo while she is little. The weeds will still be there!