Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Hip hip hooray!
Morgan is ONE today! Not only have mommy and daddy been busy the last month, but so has Morgan! She has been spending most of her days in the toddler room. Last week she started napping with them on her very own big girl cot. Oh man, did the tears stream down my face when the director told me that. She is NOT old enough to be sleeping on a cot. She's my BABY! :( She is handling the new room very well though and likes all of the new kids and teachers. Luckily she will be moving on with some familiar faces - her BFF Lola and Keira. Those girls are totally going to take over that room. Morgan has two more teeth now - we are up to 6. She has a new found love for chicken (big chunks please...she loves to use those teeth to bite into it!) and LOVES spaghetti. If you haven't seen her slurp a noodle yet, boy are you in for a treat.Other than mama and dada, we haven't heard many definite words yet. She points at the ducks in the yard and says "duh" and sometimes I think she says "yeah"...I'm not sure though.She is doing really well in the new house. Probably better than I am! She was very upset and clingy the day we actually moved (of course, the one day we couldn't just sit and play and occupy her) but she has done really well overall. Since we are in a ranch, there are no flights of stairs to contend with, but we do have a couple of step-up/step-downs that she likes to practice stair climbing on. She is sleeping fabulously in her own room (even if she is only a doorway away) and we are sleeping better too, now that I don't wake up every time she rolls over. Either that or I'm just so exhausted!Morgan totally digs looking out into the backyard and is always pointing at the door to go outside. We really have to keep our eye on her though because she will put anything and everything in her mouth. Dirt, pebbles, plants, mulch...I even got a call from her daycare on Tuesday that she almost ate a worm when she was outside playing with the other toddlers. Lovely! On Memorial Day, we went into downtown Farmington for the parade. Morgan loved watching everyone walk by - but quickly got sick of sitting in her stroller and wanted to sit with Mark. And walk out into the street! She clapped when the soldiers passed by and danced to the marching bands. We had a really good time! Bath time is a blast, and often results in a bath for Mark and I. She gets a kick out of dunking her head in the water (like she's bobbing for apples) and a little belly flopping. Getting Morgan to sit down in the water is a bit of a chore.Tomorrow is Morgan's birthday party. I've been singing Happy Birthday to her all week so she is familiar with the song and she even had her first taste of cake last week for her friend Allison's first birthday. I can't wait to see how she reacts to her cake - I hope she devours it! It's been a super busy week so we are really looking forward to just enjoying the day with our family and friends.

Happy Birthday peanut - I hope you have a wonderful first birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Morgan!!!! Wow this year has gone by fast. Love all the pics and info. Give her a big hug and kiss from Gramm and Papa. See you tomorrow.

  2. Yeah...happy birthday to you cutie pie! That first picture is by far the cutest thing (amongst others of course) because I LOVE her hair like that. Can't wait for the big party! =)

  3. Happy Birthday Morgan, I'm sorry I can't be at your party, I've had plans for a very long time. Grammy will bring you your present from us. Have a wonderful birthday and eat lots of cake.

    I love you very much.

    XXOO Aunt Nancy

  4. Happy Birthday to Morgan! She is an adorable little girl, Nicole!

  5. Happy birthday our precious granddaughter we can't wait to see you tomorrow I hope you have a wonderful birthday today. I love your new pictures, the first one looks like you are 4. big girl piggy tales. xxxooo

  6. look how long her hair is!! she looks like such a big girl!!