Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Day at the Park

We spent most of our day outdoors today, soaking up the sun and enjoying this beautiful, albeit short-lived, weather. At Heritage Park they had an Earth Day event with booths and demonstrations on all things "green" including recycling, composting and rain barrel collection. We hung out on the lawn for a bit and enjoyed a picnic lunch and later checked out the rest of the park, since this one is very close to our soon-to-be home. We were excited to see it is decked out with a big children's playground as well as volleyball nets and trails to hike.

After Morgan's afternoon nap we took a walk to Shiawassee Park and took Morgan into their kids playscape. She loved it - especially the swing.

Walking through the park with daddy.
And of course, eating the woodchips!
Hope you fellow Michiganders got to enjoy the day as well!


  1. Now I know that when I need a good laugh, I just need to watch the video of her swinging...that is just TOO funny...her laughing is contagious! Looks like there will be much more swinging in her future!

  2. It was a beautiful day. Awesome video...only wish it was longer. Morgan looks like she found her favorite pastime. Kristin is right....her laughing is contagious.