Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome March.

So happy it's March and spring is near. I'm so over long johns, sweaters and take-your-breath-away winds.

We had a really great weekend here including more house shopping and number crunching. We checked out three more homes in Farmington and one in Ferndale but haven't committed to anything yet. They all have their pros and cons, some more than others, but there's only one (Ferndale) that I can see us making our home. Now we just have to talk ourselves into parting with the money. There are a lot more things to consider than there were 7 years ago when we bought the condo. We need to think about how many bedrooms it has (for Morgan and future babes), the neighborhood, school district (eck!) and what to do with this effin' condo. Our searching requires a bit more research this time around since it will be long term. Ugh. Commitment.

Saturday we had a long overdue visit with my parents. While Morgan was busy chasing Kodi around the dining room table (poor thing, he was so not amused), mom and I shared decorating ideas and internet favorites. And, since we are packed to capacity, we took a carload full of Morgan's quickly outgrown baby paraphernalia to store in their basement...until we have one of our own. Our living room looks nice again. I can breathe again.

Morgan is officially in her big girl car seat too. The last couple weeks I was practically busting a nut every night carrying her in her carrier up two flights of stairs. Not so much because it's heavy, just awkward. Morgan seems to like her new seat a lot more - she's not squished, she can see out the window and she's already taken a nap in it. All is good.

Grocery shopping is a hit too. Morgan loves sitting in the front basket and watching people. And grabbing stuff. Last weekend she almost snagged a bottle of wine. Holy Hannah, when I heard those bottles clanging, I thought for sure a mess was to follow. I gotta remember to keep her in the middle of the aisle way because I'm sure this isn't going to be the last time she tries to swipe something.

We also did a little experimenting this weekend and were successful in getting Morgan on three meals a day, plus fewer (but larger) bottles. Of course, she loved it. More food + fewer bottles = more time to play. A happy Morgan. Well, other than this teething crap. She is gnawing on everything - end tables, furniture legs, shoe soles, utensils - come on tooth 3, LET'S GO!

This week is off to a good unproductive start. Today has been full of daydreaming about tearing stuff up. Painting. Decorating a baby room. Planting a garden. All in my imaginary house. Oh, and dresses for a very special event this July. For me and Morgan (no, not matching know me better than that!) Friday is Morgan's 9 month checkup and this weekend we are gaining visitors (Mark's dad and step mom) and losing an hour. I wonder if this means Morgan will sleep in until 8am on Sunday?


  1. Yay Ferndale! ;) Where's it at??

  2. HEY!!**)) What happened to my Granddaughers video of her waving? Did I wear it out by playing it 20 times a day? Can we have another one? Yes i'm begging.

  3. I thought you'd like that Emily! :) It's three blocks north of 9 Mile, west of Woodward - really close to downtown!

    Grammy, Mark told me he's had problems with the video too. I have yet to encounter any on my mac or at work. I'm going to try to replace it with a YouTube video, or we'll just post a new one! :)

  4. Ahhhhhh...commitment doesn't come easy. Glad to see I'm not the only one daydreaming. Back to reality, it was great seeing all of you again! Can't wait that long again. I'm glad Morgan is enjoying her shopping trips. Beware of free-loading items in your cart. :) Can't wait to shop for vacation clothes myself. It will be Morgan's first special occasion.

  5. You are too funny with this blog -- I love the comments on all that Morgan is doing...and your comments on how you feel about it all. Glad you aren't "busting a nut" anymore...and I can't believe that she is already causing trouble in that shopping cart. Can't wait to see her again!

  6. OK Thanks the video is back I promise I will only play 19 times a day. I LOVE IT,LOVE IT,I LOVE IT.