Friday, March 6, 2009

nine: part two

[it's hard to focus on a moving baby that wants to eat the camera you are holding]

Height: 28"
Weight: 18 pounds 4 ounces

Doc said Morgan is growing and developing wonderfully! We've got her on a great eating and sleeping schedule. She's eating 4 big bottles and three meals a day plus a snack every once in a while. She hasn't had a middle of the night feeding in over a week and when she does sporadically wake in the middle of the nap, she can fall back asleep on her own. Ah, independence. Let's hope this whole 'spring forward' business doesn't screw with us.

Morgan has met or is ahead of all of the milestones for a nine month old. In the last week, Morgan has started to clap and play patty-cake and she is getting brave and letting go while she is standing, trying to stand on her own. Woah! And I think stranger anxiety is starting to kick in. She is typically a very curious and social little girl, as long as Mark or I are within reach. She was very unhappy this afternoon when nurse Abby put her on the scale to be weighed. She kept reaching for me, poor thing. Luckily she is very comfortable with her daycare teachers, we haven't yet experienced this when we leave her in the morning. Her little friends seem to be a nice distraction.

That's all for now. I'm so happy it's the weekend. I wish the weather would stay just like this. I love having the windows open again. Here's to a fun and productive weekend. All 47 hours of it.

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  1. Boo to "springing" forward. I too, hope it doesn't mess with her routine.

    Yeah to the good doctor's appt. Go Morgan!