Thursday, February 5, 2009

8 is Great!

Morgan is 8 months old today. 2/3 of the way to her first birthday. Gracious! She has been a busy bee this week. Here's the scoop:

1. Less than 10 days after visiting the post office to apply for Morgan's passport, we got it in the mail. Wow! That was quick. I suppose there wasn't much of a background check to perform on her. :) Babies are easy. We might just take a trip over to Canada now. Because we can.

2. Morgan is feeling much better after her fight with a fever last week. Except she doesn't have much of an appetite. Either she is having an anti-growth spurt or she is much too busy to be bothered with drinking her bottles. She could eat regular food all day long. Unfortunately for her, we can't do that just yet.

3. Morgan doesn't have to see the doctor again until her 9 month appointment in March. It should be fairly fast and easy - no vaccines at this visit - yippee!

4. If you need another reason why I call Morgan's daycare 'school', how many daycare's do you know that have parent-teacher conferences? Oh yes, and she's passing with flying colors. According to Ms. Tia, Morgan thinks she is the queen bee too. She crawls all around their room, checking out what everyone else is doing and
apparently she and the older babes like to congregate around a small table in the kitchen for their 'morning meeting'. I am dying to see that and have requested a picture. Morgan is beginning to cooperate and take better (and longer) naps and she does a lot of squealing and gabbing all day long.

5. We can add a couple of new foods to the list. She's had yogurt and zucchini (but not together, blech!) and she loves Cheerios. She is going to try chicken, peaches and blueberries very soon too. We are going to begin introducing new foods more often, because she hasn't shown any signs of allergies...and mostly because it is going to take us 3 years to get through all of these foods if we just do one a week. I think she can handle it!

6. On the homefront, we have hooked up with a property management company to help us find a renter for the condo.

7. Last weekend we looked at a couple of rental houses in Farmington for ourselves. We can't seem to make up our mind either. Rent a house so we don't have to commit and we can move on a whim or buy a house because we could get a decent one for a steal right now? No decisions have been made, but I feel like we are going to be here forever...

8. I've been daydreaming this week, obsessing really, about Morgan's future bedroom. Furniture, color schemes, stuff I didn't get to do a year ago when everyone else was planning their nurseries. I'm hooked...and I may even get to design her room Maybe.

We are looking forward to the weekend as it is going to be full of visitors and fun. Hope yours is too.


  1. Awesome update--plus a cute photo. Happy 8 months Morgan! Glad the next drs. appt doesn't include shots. I'm anxious to hear about your ideas for Morgan's future bedroom. I understand your indecision about renting and buying. I feel though that if you do find something you love at a "great" price--go for it.

  2. So glad to see an update. I just knew that with her 8 month b-day today that there would be one! =) Cute pictures and I LOVE the conferences at a day-care concept..that is awesome (coming from a teacher of course). Glad all is well and would love to see the picture of their morning meeting at daycare if you get your hands on one!

  3. Happy 8 months old little miss Morgan.It just seems like yesterday we were awaiting your arrival.And now your getting to be such a big girl with conferences, and sippy cup clutches with the girls. Can't wait to see everyone saturday grandpa is coming with me so we will see you around noon.Just a thought, how about our little bistro for lunch?

  4. Buy something!! I wish we didn't own right now, so we could buy something at these prices.