Sunday, January 18, 2009

Morgan had them Old Navy jeans, jeans, Keen boots with the fur, with the fur

Another great weekend. We spent it spending money like it was our job though. Morgan got her new convertible car seat and Mark and I got some new goodies from Patagonia. It was one of those things where I would have had the opposite of buyers remorse from having NOT taken advantage of a great sale.

Other than a run out to Babies R Us, we got to stay home and stay warm. The visitors came to us! We got to see Gramm and Papa on Saturday, and Aunty K on Sunday. They got to see for themselves what Morgan is getting into...which is pretty much everything. She loves wires, cords and shoelaces.This morning while checking on her during her morning nap, I found her playing with the cord to her baby monitor. Yup, that got promptly packed away!

Saturday morning we were also greeted with the arrival of tooth #2, which happens to be #1's next door neighbor. That one seemed to come in without too much of a fuss...phew!Now it's time to get serious about going to bed. Something knocked me on my butt this afternoon...feels like allergies...but can you really get allergies when it's 15 degrees outside? So, I'm outta here, before my head explodes. G'night!


  1. I really think that if she keeps pulling herself up on that table and the couch, she could be walking in no time! It was so good seeing you this weekend...hopefully I'll see you soon again!

  2. It's kind of funny how little ones can amuse themselves with the simplest of things. It's like she's trying to figure out how to tie a shoe.

  3. Great photos guys. as you know I didn't get the line old navy jeans, boots with the fur, with the fur.But I have your hip Aunt Nancy to always help me out.I think it's cute.Can't wait to see you.any weekend except jan 31st thats my weekend with the girls on a quilting bus trip Aunt Nancy is in charge.(sit down shut up and hang on)thats her moto. let me know what works for you guys.

  4. Sorry I ran out of space how sweet if she is walking on the beach in cobo this spring.