Monday, January 5, 2009

7 @ 7

Morgan is 7 months old today. Could time be going by any faster?

All is well here but this post will be short. I will be back with a holiday recap, hopefully sooner than later. You're lucky that Mark has your back since he has been bugging me (in the nicest possible way) to update the blog. All I can say is I'm working on it. It's been a busy couple weeks and we are getting back into our routine now. Back to work and back to reality.

Here are 7 little tidbits to hold you over until the big post:

1. Morgan's first tooth poked through on December 30. Looks like she is working on #2 and #3 - the bottom right and top left.

2. After lots of researching, reading reviews, test driving 7 vehicles and making a pros/cons list (seriously!), we decided on the Subaru Forester XT. The XT stands for fast as all get out. Well, we will test that out in about 700 miles.

3. Christmas was great. Lots of running around and lots of goodies for all of us.
I love Christmas and it was especially sweet this year now that we are parents.

4. Our time off was awesome. A good mix of getting stuff done and getting nothing done. We ran lots of errands, did about 100 loads of laundry, watched a couple movies (and tried to watch a couple more), went shopping, went out for breakfast a lot and visited friends.

5. Going back to work this morning was tough, but Morgan seemed pretty happy. It was slow at school the last couple weeks but the room was packed when we arrived. All the babes were ready and rearing to PLAY!

6. Morgan is getting closer and closer to zipping across the room. Somehow, she can also sit up on her own! She woke up one morning last week quite upset. When I got up to check on her, she was sitting up in her crib - yikes! Reminder to Mark: time to lower the crib mattress.

7. Food experimenting is going well. We can add apples and pears to her list of yummy foods. I even broke off a hunk of banana for her last week. She was grabbing at one I was eating so I gave her a piece. She didn't seem to care for it, but did enjoy squishing it in her hands. Of course.

I'll be back...

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