Monday, December 8, 2008

At 6 Months...

Morgan weighs 16 pounds and is 27 1/4 inches long. Her appointment this afternoon went really well and Morgan's doctor was impressed with her development so far. Everything looks great!We had both a productive and eventful weekend. Friday night I put up our little Christmas tree and some decorations. I think we are going to need to pull the tree off the floor is a certain little girl keeps scooching around like she is. On Saturday, Mark and I got some Christmas shopping done while Gramm watched Morgan for a few hours. Later, I made some baby food for Morgan and no bake cookies for Mark and I.

We should have just stayed home on Sunday. We got an early start - breakfast, laundry and naps all before 10am and then went out to Whole Foods for groceries. On our way home we got rear-ended. Thankfully, the three of us are okay - we're just dealing with sore necks and headaches. And the Jetta was left in driveable condition. I was surprised to see what little damage was done after scrambling out of the car to check Morgan and seeing a totaled Cavalier behind us. Yeah for German engineering!

We tried not to let the accident ruin our day, so we continued on with our plans to go out to Right Start at Partridge Creek to buy Morgan's high chair ('s a Christmas gift). Our trip was super successful - we got the high chair,
a baby rail, a free stuffed animal, 10% off because of a teeny scratch in the finish plus a $25 gift card because of how much we spent. Sweet! Mark put it together tonight and it's adorable. Now Mark and I just need to make a better effort to eat at the table, not on the couch :)

We stopped at Kristin and Troy's for a short visit and dinner, but because of a stomachache, nothing really sounded good so they got pizza and I got a chocolate shake. Unfortunately the only way to get rid of this stomachache was to throw up. Again and again and again. I don't know what the heck is going on...stomach bug, food poisoning again? It was a miserable night and now I'm looking for some much needed sleep. I think I'm going to go join Morgan now and hit the sack. G'night and have a good week!


  1. I'm so happy nobody was hurt in the accident. Thank you Guardian Angel.Little Miss Morgan you are just growing in leaps and bounds, that 6 months just flew by. Nicole 28 years ago the doctors had a hard time finding out if I had food poisioning or a bad case of the stomache flu that just keep coming back. We ended up naming the condition Derek.!!! (just a thought)

  2. OMG Clancy. What did Morgan think of such a big stuffed toy? Sunday was definitely an eventful day. So glad everyone is okay.

    P.S. Interesting thought grammy. (wink wink)