Monday, November 24, 2008

yum yum, gimme some

Yippee. Another Monday. At least it's a short week, yea? I told you we were going to do it soon. Morgan had her first taste of rice cereal on Saturday. This was the first bite. Despite it's runny texture and bland smell, she gobbled it right up (especially on Sunday when I made it thicker). I think we'll give it a good week, just to make sure it is agreeing with her, then maybe we'll try something sweet potatoes. I bought this baby food making kit a few months ago and am pretty excited about making Morgan's food. I think I'm going to need a freakin' chest freezer soon. We can't even buy our favorite frozen pizzas anymore because we just don't have room.

We did, however, make room for 2 gallons of apple cider. We made our final trip to the cider mill on Saturday and picked up enough to get us through the winter. Or at least through the week. We also took a little road trip out to Elephant Ears in Ann Arbor. We went there looking for this footmuff for Morgan's Quinny stroller, but left with this footmuff for her carseat. It's super cute - like a little sleeping bag to keep her warm.

Kristin and Troy joined us for dinner at Antonio's on Saturday night. I can't believe for as much as I consumed while I was pregnant, this was the first time we've been there since Morgan was born. And it was as fabulous as I remembered.

Speaking of throwing down (and not throwing up), I hope you are practicing and preparing to eat your fair share on Thanksgiving. Mmm, so excited! It'll probably be quiet around here this week but you know we will be back soon. Happy feasting and being thankful!


  1. Fun! I'm planning on making Jack's baby food too! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Oh how cute. Such a grown little girl eating "real" food! It'll be fun letting her try all the other baby foods too...with all those other flavors it will be fun to see what she likes. What a doll! See you Thursday