Wednesday, November 5, 2008

5 Months Old

21 weeks + 6 days old
152 days old
It's going so fast...
Last Saturday we spent the day with Kristin and Troy. Eating, shopping, bocce...
...and beer. :) EVERYTHING within arms reach requires a taste test by Morgan. But daddy quickly put the kibosh on this one!
(I owe you one more photo. Morgan is going to fit in just fine with her North Channel boyfriends, Boden and Brody, because she now has her very own camouflage hoodie, courtesy of her *soon-to-be* Uncle Troy. Eat your heart out boys, she's not all city girl! Morgan also narrowly escaped the clutches of Uncle Shaun and his efforts at styling her hair into a fashionable mohawk. Now we know our ice cream run will just have to wait. Sigh.)

Our attempt to put Morgan to bed unswaddled couldn't have gone better. Tonight is night #4 and I thought for sure she would fight us and refuse to be put down without it. But she surprised me! She loved her swaddle. Loved = past tense. Now she loves to sleep like a big girl. She is free to move and spin 180 degrees and lay on her side and suck her fingers. All without a peep. Phew! She is sleeping like a champ, even with the earlier bedtime after the time change. 11 hours, 12 hours, who's counting?

One of our next big milestones includes starting solid foods. I'd like to wait until Morgan is 6 months old, especially because of her inherited risk to allergies. (She did get a gold star after playing in the leaves last week though.) But, we might just try a little something during the year's biggest feast - Thanksgiving! So so excited about that. Until then, we will keep you posted. XO


  1. Happy 5 months Morgan! Don't grow up too still have 20 years and 7 months before you can drink that beer legally! Can't wait to see you in that hoodie...

  2. Happy Birthday Morgan! I can't wait to see the hoodie. Brody can't either. Never played bocce (sp?) before, but looks like a ton a fun. Can't believe she will be going on solids soon. They do grow fast. Love, Andrea