Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Fall!

So long, summer! It doesn't quite feel like fall yet, but I am totally ready for it. I love crispy cool mornings - I'm looking forward to spending a few of them at the Farmington Farmers Market and Parmenters Cider Mill in Northville.

Our little family had a great weekend! Saturday we lounged around a bit before heading out for a little shopping. Mark and I are achin' to do some fall clothes shopping but every time we try, we find zip for us and all kinds of cute goodies for Morgan. This time she came home with a grey knit hat with matching mittens and some long sleeve onesies from H&M. We got home with just a little time to spare before Grandma and Grandpa Frahm came over to visit and go out for dinner at Cedar. Then it was bath time (which always turns into mopping the kitchen floor because Morgan LOVES to kick and splash) and night-night.

Sunday we spent the day in Lansing for the Oberlin's annual end-of-summer skeet shootin' party. And everyone was there! Finally, all of the babies were together. But don't hate me, because I didn't get a single picture of the three little North Channel babes together. UGH! I do have a bunch of shots of Morgan though.
Morgan got to spend some quality time with Grandma Goulding and play with a few new toys too. She loved this and this. Thank you Boden for sharing your cool toys! :) I hope to get Morgan some of her own during my next trip to Babies 'R Us. And I really want to get her this too. My shopping list is never ending - this is the beginning of the end of having a floor that is free of blocks, stuffed animals, blankets and books! She is SO fun to shop for though, and totally worth the clutter.

We're out for now - the alarm clock will be going off before we know it. Nighty-night!

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  1. Oh my gosh. She is SOOO adorable in those pictures. I can't believe that even though its only been a week or so since I've seen you all that she looks like she's so grown up now! Hope to see you all soon!