Wednesday, September 3, 2008

another nap...another post

I think I'll try to get in a quick post while Morgan takes her late afternoon nap. All is well in the Reaves household and our little girl is doing fantastic. School is great and Morgan is starting to do a lot of new things.

Mark has gotten several little giggles out of Morgan, usually when he blows raspberries on her neck. She gives us some crazy big smiles and occasionally, a little 'ha ha' laugh. It's totally adorable.

She is also practicing rolling over from her back to her belly. Most times she gets 'stuck' laying on her arm, as I'm sure she doesn't quite know how to pull her arm out of the way yet. Then she just rolls back on her side and hangs out there for a bit. It's so fun to watch her move around, kicking her legs and waving her arms.

Speaking of which, Morgan is working on grasping and reaching for objects now too. She likes to grab her toes, pull on her burp cloth, her clothes, even mommy's hair, and put it in her mouth.

That's about all for us now. And it's time to eat. We'll be back soon!

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