Thursday, August 21, 2008

Play nice!

***Brody and Morgan mesmerized by the lights above.***

Just a real quickie tonight, as it's been my goal to hit the sack by 10pm. Most of you probably know about our daycare drama. I hate drama. It is over now and I'm happy to report that all of us love Morgan's new school. We just weren't comfortable with the original center we were taking her to and we went with our gut and pulled her out. We made a mistake and we know better now. Maybe that is what makes you a better parent. Live and learn, right?

The days and evenings have all kind of blurred together but the weekend is in sight and we have a long road trip planned to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Frahm in St. Helen on Saturday. My parents will be there too, along with Kristin and Troy. I'm really excited for them to meet Morgan. It should be a great time!

Then, on Monday we are taking Morgan to her first Tigers game, courtesy of Aunty K and Uncle Troy! It was quite a surprise to get the tickets in the mail this week and we've been telling Morgan she gets to see Magglio in person. Oh-wee-oh...Magglio gives Morgan big smiles. :)

I hope to have lots of pictures to share in the next few days. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. What an absolutely adorable little girl. But that's because she has adorable parents. She is approved to be Body Ness' official girl. Found your blog through Andrea and Tim's, and have enjoyed your pictures and narratives. Congratulations and please stop by when you are up.

    Bob and Nancy (alias Grandma and Grandpa Ness)