Thursday, July 10, 2008

8 hours straight!

Believe it! Our little girl, who just happens to be 5 weeks old today, slept through the night last night. AND she is napping right now! Seriously, I didn't think we were going to pull it off - but I actually got to shower AND eat breakfast already. And it's not even 9am. Sweet, huh? This is going to be a great day :)

And it's been a pretty great week. Lots of baby talk and smiles. Lots of out and about. With and (much to my dismay) without Morgan. Because I can already foresee some emotional turmoil when I drop her off for her first day at daycare, Mark suggested that I get out of the house, without Morgan, to get used to being away from her. HA, easier said than done, right? So, Monday Mark played stay at home dad while I went out shopping with Kristin. Good thing it's a 45 minute drive to her place, because it took that long to compose myself. We had a great time though! Sis, you really know how to keep a girl distracted and have fun.

Tonight, Mark is playing softball and we are going to venture out to our first game this summer. Fingers crossed we can both enjoy the evening with minimal fussing.

Now I'm off to do something productive while I still have both hands free! Later.


  1. What a good girl...even after that long nap yesterday afternoon. I was hoping that wouldn't keep her up all night! =) Have fun at the game tonight!

  2. so happy to hear morgan pulled an all nighter (sleeping that is)and very happy to hear you were able to get out with auntie k. if you want to do it again grammy will be (very happy) to come to farmington to stay with morgan for the day.

  3. hey you kids, will you please let me know how to leave a comment with my name. thaks mom

  4. Hi Nicole! I am so happy Morgan is sleeping through the night. Let's hope the same for Brody man. Just received your comment on our blog, thanks! And just an fyi....our doctor said we WON'T be having a big baby....I am hoping that he is right with stating he will be about 7.5 pounds.

    Lots of love! Keep the morgan pictures coming!

  5. again with the stupid Michigan Wedding Hub, please disregard. The last comment is from me.