Saturday, June 14, 2008

TOO Much Fun

What a day! A great day. It's been a whole week since my mom and Kristin have seen Morgan (and Mark and I). A week too long if you ask me. Their visit is exactly what I needed. You have totally lifted my spirits. *wink* Plus they showed up with dinner for Mark and I. A hot dinner! Ziti, garlic bread, veggies and those mini Betty Crocker chocolate cakes...mmm! I can't tell you how great it was to have a nice, easy, homecooked dinner tonight. We couldn't eat together entirely because Morgan decided she wanted to eat too, but it was delicious nonetheless. Danke!

Kristin will be back with Troy tomorrow (yeah!) and I hope Papa can join Gramm next time they visit.

And speaking of nice visits, it had been almost three weeks since I had seen any of my co-workers. Jeanette and Rachalle, it was great to see you on Thursday. I'm glad you had a chance to come out and meet Morgan. Mommy and Daddy greatly appreciated the Thai food too. (Morgan didn't seem to object either - what a girl!)

Here is your daily dose of sweet little Morgan:

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