Thursday, May 29, 2008

stimulate this

Alright. We've done our part and spent most of our tax stimulus check. How about you?

Mark forgot his softball bat for his game after work today
, so I met him for lunch to give it to him. Little did I know after scarfing down our pizza, we'd end up going camera shopping. We've been back and forth trying to decide if we should get a digital SLR for several months and today, we just did it. We bit the bullet and purchased a Nikon D60. So there...we've supported a local business and stimulated the economy (and Japan's!).

Today's prenatal appointment didn't go as well as I had hoped. After experiencing a great deal of painful cramping yesterday, I was hoping to have progressed a lot further than another 1/2 centimeter since last week! Bah! Dr. thinks I will likely not deliver baby wait-and-see until our due date, if not later. Double bah! Our next appointment is Wednesday (40 weeks, 1 day). We are scheduled to get an ultrasound to check baby's amniotic fluid (make sure there's enough and maybe check to make sure this little monster isn't like 10 pounds or something) and a non-stress test to measure my contractions and baby's heartrate.

So that's the story as of now. I'm off to send our little one some labor vibes and try to get the nerve to just think about picking up this camera.

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