Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a sneak peek

I am beside myself that the crib is together. Since Mark doesn't have the chrome legs back from the shop yet (I'm not going there now *eye roll* though it is not Mark's fault at all) just imagine it about 5 inches higher. I'm just so so so so happy. And it looks even cooler in person. xoxo bubba, it's perfect. You deserve a beer!

My plan today is hopefully a productive one, if I can stay out of bed. I have cleaning to do, errands to run (!) and laundry to iron. And walking, of course. Tonight we'll be glued in front of the tv watching the Red Wings game and tomorrow, my weekly appointment. Send some good vibes that we are making progress!


  1. Looks great! I bet you and Mark are happy to have it done before baby comes! Do you hear that, baby? Now that daddy is done with your bed, you can come out to play any time now!

  2. I agree--it looks great! Can't wait for you to fill it. It's getting really hard to concentrate anymore. We can see where you get your impatience from. :)