Tuesday, May 27, 2008

impatiently waiting, with painted toes

Mission accomplished. Kristin walked my butt off today. Well, unfortunately my butt is still there and baby is still in the womb. I know, I know. I don't know what I'm in such a hurry for. Baby wait-and-see isn't technically supposed to be finished baking until a week from today. Just call me impatient.

Kristin and I spent the day walking, shopping, walking, eating, walking and shopping some more for our annual birthday shopping trip. I think we've been taking each other shopping for the other's birthday since I could drive...so, what, 14 years, give or take? Had a great time - lots of catching up and baby talk. At this rate, I think Aunty K might just get her way and her niece or nephew is going to be born on her 28th birthday!

After all that walking, I had a little pampering of my own - a mom to be pedicure. Wow, did that feel nice. Even if the swelling, veins and bloat popped back up about an hour later. Hmpf! Screw you, water retention! Nonetheless, my toes are cute and painted a nice shade of dark pink.

And last but not least. As I write this at 10:49pm, Mark is assembling the crib in our bedroom. I haven't heard any swearing in at least 10 minutes. So, be good. Maybe I will have something to share tomorrow. As for me, I'm much too excited to sleep. I'm going to go find something to clean. G'night!

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