Monday, April 30, 2012


Eight years ago, right about now, I said "I do" to my best friend on a quiet beach on the island of Kauai. We became husband + wife.

In two years, we have grand plans to renew our vows on that same beach. Rain or shine.

Thank you Mark,
for putting up with me,
for sticking with me,
for loving me no matter what,
for giving me our two beautiful children,
for your support and encouragement,
for being my biggest fan,
for making me so happy,
and so much more.

You are my world.
You are my everything.
Love you forever.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

my less list : no 12

  1. use alarms (on my iPhone) to stay focused + manage my time. Besides trying to complete a task, one at a time, I've most recently found setting an alarm on my phone very helpful in keeping me on track + not distracted or sucked into something else. There have been nights that I'll come into my scraproom to clean up my Project Life mess and I'll end up on the internet reading some random blog. Before I know it, I've blown 90 minutes on nothing. Instead, I set my alarm for 20 minutes and go. If I decide I want to play online afterwards, then so be it. I'm going to see what else I can use that on this week. Working well. I love giving myself a time limit and trying to beat the clock. :)
  2. unsubscribe from unnecessary email - newsletters, sales, etc. Stores like the GAP do not need to be sending me daily emails. Instead of just deleting them this week, I'm going to take the time to scroll through and hit 'unsubscribe.' I've done as many as I can. There are so many emails that I was getting that I don't even open. I just delete it. Instead I have been catching myself to open and unsubscribe. I hope to see a lighter load in my inbox this week.
  3. clean + organize the top portion of the pantry. This is where we keep our cereal, spices, oils + vinegars, baking extras like food coloring + sprinkles, and my extra plant pots + vases. Time to purge, one shelf at a time. Easy + done. Now onto the lower portion.
  4. choose my next bite from Tsh's 52 bites. Plan to tackle it as soon as next week. I chose #25 : organize your photo collection. I don't have many printed photos that are not organized, so instead I'm going to organize and purge the photos on my computer next week.
  5. don't freak that my Week in the Life did not go as planned. At all. Last Monday was a particularly rough day/start but instead of completely scrapping my idea, I'm going to rework it + move forward. I'm feeling better about my revised plan. Now I just need to tackle it.
Each week I write a short list, no more than 5 items long, of simple tasks that I want to complete during that week. Small things, not huge projects, that I can easily do in the span of 7 days. Things that will keep me focused + help me keep my eyes open to the big picture. You can read more about my One Little Word, less, why I chose it + how I'm documenting it in 2012 here. You can read all of my (now updated) less lists here.

Friday, April 27, 2012


time : 10:14pm
location : scrap room
eating : nothing
drinking : water
listening : the Sevendust station on Pandora
loving : that our ER visit on Wednesday was a 'better safe than sorry' trip. Parker + his instigator sister = trouble. After a "come on Parker, it's okay" and big jump, his twisted but painful ankle turned out to be just that. No sprains, fractures or broken bones. Morgan LOVED that we were going to the hospital but did not love the wait. That will all be a page in itself in this week's Project Life.
feeling : proud that I didn't buy a single thing, despite all of the awesome new releases, at Studio Calico + Two Peas today. How do you like that for less? Thank you Jen for keeping me out of trouble!
enjoying : Instagram. A lot. It's so fun snapping + sharing pics, liking + commenting. If you are on Instagram, you can follow me at nicolereaves. Leave your username in the comments. I'd love to follow some more like-minded peeps.
wanting : chocolate
needing : a date night with Mark. Bad. Cannot wait for our anniversary dinner tomorrow night.
preparing : for Kelly Purkey's class on Sunday. My tote is packed + I'm geeked about my first class with a scrappy celeb. ;)
hoping : she doesn't enable me to buy anything!
thinking : it is way too cold for the end of May. The high tomorrow is 45 + rain. Awesome.
making : new Silhouette cuts. Next week I hope to replenish my stash with some fresh new colors + designs.

*this post was inspired by Tina's currents series*

And a little shop business :
I have replenished the sold out stamps + listed a new stamp in the shop today - randomness. You may notice that stock is low but I'm listing these stamps nice + slow based on your reactions + how well they sell. When they sell out, I will get more, and I'll be gradually adding more to the mix. ***Updated to add : any stamps that are currently sold out will be restocked by Friday May 4.*** I never would've thought these little guys would make me so happy and I greatly appreciate your response + purchases.

Happy Friday peeps. This has been one looooonnngg week if I do say so myself. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Little Word : LESS : April

Our April prompt for One Little Word was to write a letter to ourselves about where we are right now with our word. What's working, what's not working, and where we'd like to be a year from now. Since I'd taken this class last year, it was nice to read that letter again and see how things have changed. I feel like I am in a pretty good place now.
I think part of that may be because Morgan + Parker are growing up. My biggest job, first and foremost, is taking care of them. But this year, I don't have a baby in the house. Instead, my toddler + preschooler are learning right from wrong, playing nicely (and getting into trouble) together, understanding words + conversations, and are growing more independent every day. And even though Parker will be 2 in just over a month, I continue to gain confidence in my parenting abilities. Being more patient, more playful, more aware of my downfalls + better equipped to deal with tantrums + arguments. I have my days (oh, do I have my days - ahem, Monday was a doozy) but overall I feel blessed + thankful + so very happy. 

Does this sound like a tangent? The reason why I'm writing all of this is because, had I chose focus or less as my One Little Word 5 years ago (or 5 years from now for that matter), I probably would have chosen them for different reasons. What is important to me right now, on Wednesday April 25, 2012, is quite a bit different than it was 5 years ago. If Mark and I wanted ice cream for dinner back then, we'd do it without much regret. Now, making sure I'm providing my family balanced meals (and that the kids are eating most of it) is what's important to me. I'd be willing to bet that many of you are in a stage in your life that is very different than it was 5 years ago, or even last year.

My days are full - my kids keep me busy + I have plenty to do, but right now I feel less rushed about it. I am trying to make better decisions about how I spend my time and I'm working on doing one thing at a time. This thought is seriously working for me. When something or someone needs my attention, I take care of it as soon as I can. I also feel like I have gained more 'me time' - scrapbooking, reading + even a little side business. What mama doesn't love her 'me time'?
As far as sharing my project with you, I will keep it short + sweet. This is where I left off in March. Inside my mini is a small 4 bar envelope that I tucked my type-written letter into. On the front is a photo of me, from behind. The colors were crazy so I printed it in black and white.
On the back I put a couple different washi tapes on the edges of the envelope flap to keep it closed and adhered the note to self printable Ali included with a glue dot. Though it's not terribly private, I'm going to keep my letter inside there for now.
Next week, May. This might be one of my favorite prompts because it involves lists! Yippee!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Life : Week 16

Week 16 : April 16-22

This week : pretty normal week around here with the typical post office, Target and grocery store errands plus catching up on some household chores. I was geeked to snag the last IKEA cart I've been eyeing and finally truly organize and be satisfied with my scrappy space. Mark worked outside quite a bit and moved the stone pavers that used to be a walkway from our driveway to back patio, out to the front yard as a border around our large pine tree. Looks so nice! Plus, he put our shower doors back up and our shower is back in working order. Makes me very very happy!

Full spread + front of insert :
Left side :
Lots of music + dancing. Our TV has become a very expensive mirror :) Things we do flair button by Ormolu (all links are at the end of this post) :
I used my Week in Review stamp again this week. The tiny orange clip is old Heidi Swapp. On the right side is a picture of Parker going through one of those fabric IKEA tunnels and I zig-zag stitched on one of their paper tape measures that Morgan was using to measure everything while we were shopping :
I used a Love Silhouette diecut and some new Smash tape for a little title on this picture of Parker. Lisa Truesdell posted a new Captured class at Two Peas last week with ideas on how to use washi tape in Project Life and I got this idea there. I love this tape! 
Lots of old stuff here. A ghost Heidi Swapp clock and 7Gypsies brads. The r + 3 are old-ish Studio Calico alpha stickers. I handwrote 'a moment in time' with a white Sharpie around the outside edge of the clock. I love love love this photo of my little family. Especially since it was completely natural + they didn't know I was spying on them, taking pictures from inside the house :
The insert was simple this week. The front is a connect the dots drawing Mark made for Morgan. How cute is it that she drew Santa and Rudolph over the house? 
I adhered a file tab punch to the edge :
The back is the plan Mark sketched out of the tile layout. This is actually a few weeks old, but I thought it was appropriate to add it this week since our bathroom is officially done :
Back of the insert + right side :
Right side :
My attempt at a mini bunting title using bakers twine and Silhouette banners :
The photo Mark texted me saying the shower is ready to use! Yippee!
I used my Note to Self stamp here with an awesome new ink color from Hero Arts called Wet Cement. It's a warm taupe-y gray - a nice neutral that I can see myself using a lot :
The journaling card below is from the Turquoise core kit. I added the time 9:03 and made notes of what we were all doing Friday morning at that time. Quick + easy filler :
Week 16 complete. Thank you so much for looking!

If you are not familiar with Project Life, click here. All of my 2012 Project Life posts can be found here.

Products I used this week : click the photos for more info