Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in the Life : Day Seven

photos taken : 145 (narrowed down to 64)
number of years of marriage my parents are celebrating today : 35!
number of months old my twin nephews, Logan + Ellis, are today : 4!
number of tomatoes I counted in the garden : 9

Here are the photos + highlights on our last day of Week in the Life : Sunday, July 31, 2011 :
Day Seven and I was having a bit of a hard time not being redundant with my photos. Seems that I was taking a lot of pictures of the kids, or our food, or our feet. :)

8 am : Mark and I are awake and he comments on how it's 8 o'clock and everyone is still in bed. Then Parker squeals! :) Mark makes pancakes for us while Morgan and Parker play on the new sleeping pads and we talk about camping and the new BIG tent. My favorite quote from Morgan today : "I'm not crying, I'm whining!"

10 am : head outside to water the flowers and veggies. We briefly talk about going to the splash pad before lunch but opt to stay home instead. Parker climbs into the pool, fully clothed, to catch his ball. Change Morgan and Parker into their swimsuits and fill up the pool with fresh water.

11 am : make smoothies for everyone - cherry banana for Morgan and Parker, strawberry chocolate malt for Mark, and chocolate banana peanut butter for me. Morgan wants the hose turned on to run through.

12:30 pm : Parker is down for his nap and soon after we talk Morgan into resting inside because it's getting pretty hot out. Mark goes out to run an errand and filled my gas tank. :) Morgan watches Yo
Gabba Gabba and I down a gallon of water.

2:30 pm : Parker is awake and we all eat a late snacky lunch (those smoothies were filling!). Hummus and pretzel crisps, cherries, and chocolate milk. Contemplate what we should do the rest of the day (lots of options) and decide to go to REI to pick up our camping chairs.

4 pm : REI doesn't have our chairs. End up buying Morgan some new sunglasses, plus Smartwools and Camelbak sippy cups for the kids. Head back towards home.

5:30 pm : dinner at Bayside in Walled Lake. Their Sunday pizza special is no more (which is why we went) but we order one anyway. All of the liquids Morgan has been drinking today are catching up with her and she has to potty three times. Food is good, service stinks and Parker is incredibly antsy. He and I take a walk outside to watch the boats on the lake.

7 pm : baths for Morgan and Parker. Blow-dry Morgan's hair while she makes up other words with the letter blocks that spell "Morgan" in her room. I think it's pretty cute that she thinks any combination of letters make other words. Like gonr or aogm. She doesn't like to hear "that's not a word, sweetie", so we just make them up.

8 pm : Parker is in bed and Mark and Morgan share an apple while watching the X Games. She gets a kick out of the BMX Street competitions. Reading, brush teeth, potty + bed.

9:45 pm : Mark + I are sharing a bottle of cherry wine while I write this final blog post for Week in the Life. Breathing a sigh of relief.

What an intense project - recording everything was definitely the hard part. Looking forward to creating the photo collages, filling the page protectors and trimming down the ephemera. And putting the camera away until our camping trip. And getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Well, we'll see about that one.

Thanks for sticking with me this week. For all of the encouragement and nice comments. Can't wait to share the finished product with you!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life : Day Six

photos taken : 64 (narrowed down to 37)
number of hours of sleep I got last night : 4
number of iced coffee's I drank : 2
number of times Morgan asked to go back in the water : 9
number of people our new tent holds : 6

Here are the photos + highlights from our day : Saturday, July 30, 2011 :

7 am : startled awake by hearing Parker jabbering away over the monitor. Last night was a rough night - not only was I restless and uncomfortable, but Morgan was in our room, twice, abruptly waking me up (read: crawling on me at 1am and turning on my nightstand lamp at 4:30am). She says "Maybe when I get a little bit older I will stay in my bed." Hmpf.

8 am : kids are both up watching Yo Gabba Gabba while I open the windows in the house. It's sunny and a beautiful 67 degrees outside. Mark gets up and I pull some cereal boxes out of the pantry and cut and pit a handful of cherries. Eat, talk about what we want to do today, and wait for my iced coffee to kick in. Check email and see our electric bill sitting in my inbox. Throw up a little bit in my mouth when I see the amount.

After a little cleaning and shuffling, I cut the tags off the new fall clothes we bought the kids last night from Carters and GAP while Parker plays Morgan's Dora guitar and Morgan colors at the kitchen table, donning her new princess crown. Shower. Wish I was still laying in our unmade bed.

11 am : Morgan and I leave for Busch's for our weekly grocery shopping trip. Parker blows me his first kiss. Aww! Mark said he was pretty upset about us leaving and naps shortly after. Morgan eats her usual 3 plain donut holes while we buzz up and down the aisles singing Wizard of Oz songs.

noon : Mark grills hot dogs for lunch while I unpack the groceries. Pull out a bag of Sunchips, root beer for Mark and I, and yogurt for Morgan.

1 pm : ice cream cones on the back patio - black cherry for Morgan and I, caramel deer tracks for Mark. We decide to go to the beach after Parker wakes up and start filling water bottles and snack bags. FedEx arrives with a huge box - our new Marmot 6-person tent and Therm-a-rest sleeping pads. Mark is giddy and opens the box right away!

2:30 pm : Parker is awake and eats his lunch. The car is packed and we are on our way to Dodge #4 State Park on Cass Lake. The park and beach are super nice. We claimed some space in the sand and jumped in the water. Morgan loved being in the water and waves today!

5:30 pm : head back to the car and decide on picking up Thai food for dinner. Morgan falls asleep in the car. Wish I could do the same. Gang Garee (potato curry with chicken + tofu) for Mark and I. Tofu, rice and spring rolls for Morgan and Parker.

7 pm : we are all completely exhausted. I make another iced coffee to perk myself up and start picking up all of the mini disasters around the house.

7:40 pm : the nightly 'crickets' alarm goes off on my iPhone signaling that it's time to get the kids ready for bed. Ask Morgan to help me pick up her toys and she tells me I can do it myself. Oh. Really? Meltdowns 1 + 2 soon follow and Mark gets her ready for bed.

8:30 pm : the littles are in bed and Mark heads outside to set up the new tent. It's huge compared to the lil 2-person tent we used back in the day, but it's perfect for our family. And it's orange!

And that's about it for today. One more day! I'm going to miss reading everyone's blog posts about their day. I'm outta here now in hopes of printing off my journaling cards and maybe one or two of my daily title pages.

Good night!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life : Day Five

photos taken : 69 (narrowed down to 41)

No rambling words today. Just photos for Friday, July 29. 2011 :
I'm still hangin' on - two days left! I'm hoping to maintain momentum through the weekend. My daily photo count is dropping as the week has gone on - but that is to be expected I suppose. No big plans here for the weekend but I'm sure we'll think of something. We always do!

Happy weekend. More tomorrow...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life : Day Four

photos taken : 66 (narrowed down to 53)
number of times Morgan asked why? : 22
number of sippy cups in the fridge : 5

Here are the photos + highlights from our day : Thursday, July 28, 2011 :
5 am : We have a visitor. I feel Morgan climb between Mark and I in bed. We've had thunderstorms on and off all night so I wait until the 'loudness' subsides to move her back.

5:30 am : Mark beat me to it. He carries her back to bed.

6:15 am : alarm - snooze - alarm - snooze...

7 am : Mark leaves for work. I get up shortly after and get dressed, etc. I can hear Parker gabbing over the monitor just after 7:30. Morgan comes to our room and requests french toast again for breakfast. :)

8:40 am : everyone is dressed and breakfast is on the table. I made my first iced coffee, complete with sweetened condensed milk and half + half just like the recipe says, and it is wonderful (and naughty!)

9 am : the kitchen is a disaster but everyone has full happy bellies (my favorite!) I turn on Sesame Street for Morgan and Parker, get the newspaper out of the driveway before it's soaked, make up a quick game for Morgan and Parker to play with their Little People, then get started in the kitchen. Parker is whiny - I try to work faster.

10 am : my mom arrives to visit for the day! I am still scrambling around the house a bit (and invite her to follow/chase me) while I pack up to go to the last library storytime of the summer.

11 am : the four of us go to storytime at the pavilion in downtown Farmington. Today's theme is the jungle, along with the usual singing, dancing and jumping. Playtime afterwards is brief because Parker is yawning and rubbing his eyes. We dash through the drive-thru at "Old McDonald's" (as Morgan calls it) for a very special treat.

noon : home and eat lunch. Parker naps. I clean up while my mom browses on Pinterest. We chat, share ideas and I show her what I've done so far with Parker's first year scrapbook while Morgan plays in the family room. Later we join Morgan for puzzles, books and pretending to nap under her blanket tent. Lots of "Grandma, you're too funny!" Plus, UPS drops off a box of 200 photos from Snapfish.

4:30 pm : Parker is awake and my mom leaves after Morgan thanks her about 100 times for coming over to her house and seeing her, for the M+M's, for the Hello Kitty bag, for going to storytime with us and on + on. Mom, did you ever think you were going to be able to get out of here? :) We play outside for a while. Our usual - get the mail, swings and bikes.

6 pm : simple dinner tonight. Mark is playing softball after work so it's just the three of us. Newman's Own Pizza + cherries. Morgan also asks for a yogurt tube. :)

7 pm : we all play in the family room - singing, rolling around and giving airplane rides. Morgan was very cooperative during clean-up and even thanked me for helping her.

8 pm : put Parker to bed while Morgan dresses her babies in pajamas. We share her evening apple, books, potty and then she brushes her teeth. While I tuck her into bed, she asks for me to tell her a story about Chuck the Snake (just some story I made up about a year ago. Mark has his own version called Marty the Moose). We talk about tomorrow being Friday and then Daddy gets to stay home for two days. "How about three days?" she asks. Mark walks in (good timing!) for goodnight hugs and kisses.

Mark got hit in the (surgically repaired ACL) knee with a ball during his game (they!) so he is wrapped in ice on the couch watching Wilfred. I'm going to have a small bowl of ice cream, start Parker's cloth diaper laundry and call it a night. 

I'm struggling to get to bed before 11pm this week, but it's been for a great cause! :) Not only have I been spending my evenings uploading, editing and blogging my photos, but I've been reading about how many of the other Week in the Life participants are spending their days. I've read tons of inspiring stories and seen so many great photo perspectives. In a way, this week has been full of focus - especially on things that are so routine and everyday. I'm paying more attention. Better attention. I'm noticing things from different angles. Like tonight, when I was picking up Parker's pizza mess on the floor after dinner, I saw Morgan's sweet little legs crossed under the table as she finished eating her yogurt. Melts my heart. These kids will never be this age again and I'm feeling incredibly lucky to be where I am at this point in my life.

Thank you so much for your kind comments this week. It means a lot to me! I can not wait to put this album together. Thank you Ali for this project. As ordinary as it may be, I will remember this week for a long time.

3 days to go!