Monday, January 31, 2011

focus: things to remember

Focus has been a word that has remained at the top of my brain every day this month. This word was truly meant to be for me. Focus can mean so many things, in so many areas of life. Not just the physical stuff - get things done - kind of way. Some days I did well. Some days not so much. Every day I learn what my pitfalls are and every night I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day. A new chance. This post is meant to be a reminder to myself, especially for those extra tough or trying days.

Focus on concentrating more.
Focus on appreciating what I have and who I'm with.
Focus on finishing what I've started before diving in to a new project.
Focus on not getting overwhelmed.
Focus on what's important and learn what can wait.
Focus on not doing so much. On learning to say no.
Focus on being present. And making eye contact.
Focus on my duties as a wife and a mother. My most important roles ever.

I am only one person.
I am doing the best I can.

Tomorrow, we get our February prompt from Ali. I'm excited to share my next layout! Has anyone else chosen a word for 2011, even if you're not a scrapbooker, or participating in the class?

Friday, January 28, 2011

beyond the limit

It's been quite a day. Not how I like to end a week.
So happy it's Friday (not that that matters to me, I suppose).
Mark got sick Wednesday.
Then broke out in hives Thursday.
Then Morgan broke out in hives overnight.
Big red welts on her arms and legs. And really itchy.
I wish I knew what caused it - in both of them. Could it be the same thing?

So Mark went to the doctor yesterday and got a steroid shot. I was able to get Morgan into the doctor this morning and of course, as I was undressing her and putting her little gown on, they were all but gone. Today, I was that over anxious, crazy mom, taking her kid into the doctor for what was seemingly nothing. Except I didn't want them to get as bad as Marks. We saw a new doctor in the practice today, and luckily, she was not annoyed very, very nice and told me not to worry about it.

So, after all the time in the car, and the waiting, and the trip to Target for anti-itch cream and bath soak, and the waiting, we were gone way longer than I cared to be. Especially since I was planning on this being a lazy, go-nowhere day. I pushed them to the limit. Beyond the limit. I now know what Parker is like without his 2+ hour morning nap. Oy! (We moved him out of this infant car seat just this week and into Morgan's old convertible seat. Now I can't just pop him in and out of the like I used to. And he loves to sleep in the car, so I had to wake him up a couple times to get him into the stroller.) Really, both of them were great about the whole thing, as I apologized over and over.

We are finally just finishing up lunch. Morgan is freshly bathed and clean and lubed up. Next up, a bath for Parker, in hopes of getting him to simmer down and induce a fantastic afternoon nap. We could actually all use a good nap.

Happy weekend everyone. I can't believe this is already the weekend we are celebrating Kristin and her little men and showering her with love and lots of baby goodies. I'm so excited!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

army strong

I'm keeping the video camera close by my side because any day now, Parker is going to figure out how to get his belly off the ground and really crawl. He's getting up on his knees and stays there for a bit before he collapses. Until then, he certainly isn't having a hard time getting around and has figured out how to climb up (and down) the step between our family room and kitchen.

Be forewarned: watch your volume. There is a very sqweaky little girl in the background.

Friday, January 21, 2011

5 favorites for Friday: toddler edition

Well, I got all of those baby favorites off my chest last week. How about some toddler favorites?

Dippy Cups - I saw these in a parenting magazine and thought they were adorable. Morgan loves dipping her food so I thought we'd try them out. She's been using them for a few months now and she uses them every single day. Syrup with pancakes and waffles. Veggie dip with carrots, cucumbers and celery. Honey with her chickie wickies. Ketchup for turkey dogs or sausage. Emily, if you are still looking for ideas for the store, these might be a really good, unique one.

Cooshee Classic booster seat -We moved Morgan out of the highchair a month or so before we let Parker start sitting in it - hoping to avoid the "mine" arguments. In exchange, I bought her a booster seat so she can sit in a big girl chair like the rest of us. Ours is "tangerine" (bright orange) and I really like it. More importantly, Morgan likes it and can climb up into her chair all by herself. It soft, not a hard plastic, so it's comfortable and it is really easy to clean - whether it's just shaking out crumbs over the sink or wiping off dried on messes with a wet rag. Plus, it 'sticks' to our chairs and you don't need buckles and straps to attach it. It also came with a carrying bag so we can easily take with us when we visit friends and relatives.

Potette Plus potty seat -When Morgan started getting really good at using the potty, we felt confident we could leave the house without putting her in a diaper. But first we needed a travel potty seat. This one is great! It doesn't fold down as compact as some of the other travel seats (which we tried and I hated as soon as I took out of the package) but it still fits easily in my diaper bag. Where we really get good use out of it is at home. We keep it in our bathroom, so if she is on that side of the house, she can use our bathroom too. It also came with bags that attach to the bottom and it folds into a potty chair so you could use it as a mini port-a-john too. Great for road trips or camping!

Baby Bjorn potty chair - I bought this little potty for Morgan over a year ago, just to get her familiar with the potty and wait for her to show an interest in using it. It's comfy and sturdy (which means we'll be able to use it with Parker too) and the little potty bowl comes out so you can dump the waste right in the toilet. She's never complained about using it - which is probably the most important part. She loves the little bear on the front.

bumGenius diaper sprayer - yup, another potty product. That's a big part of being a toddler, ya know! We got this diaper sprayer to rinse the solid waste from the kids cloth diapers into the toilet, which it works great for. (I'm sure you can imagine cleaning them off could be a little (barf) messy.) But what I really love it for is for cleaning out Morgan's potty chair after she's used it. It makes messy potty trips a lot more tolerable. It's like a little lawn hose for your toilet and it was super easy to install.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

use-what-you-have organizing

Getting organized seems to be a very popular New Years resolution and it's also one of my favorite things to do. Just ask Mark, I'm always tinkering, moving things around, trying to figure out what is working and what isn't as far as containing all the stuff in our house. Over the past few weeks I've been working in spurts, consolidating, purging and making sure everything has a home. And most importantly, I'm doing it without buying any new bins, boxes or containers. I'm using what I have and some are just ordinary objects not necessarily meant for storage.

I used to keep Morgan's bibs in a cabinet next to our kitchen table, just loosely laying on a shelf. It worked fine for a while, until our bib stash tripled after Parker started teething/drooling constantly/eating solids. Most of the time, they were haphazardly just tossed in there and it became a bit of a mess. Time for a basket.
I just rolled all of the bibs up and packed them in a nice round basket. At meal time, it's easy to just pull the basket out and grab bibs for the kids. Or let Morgan do it. It takes up very little space and it's bright and colorful too.

Next, Parker's table toys:
When Parker started sitting with us at the table in his highchair, I kept a few toys for him to play with while we were eating. But I quickly got sick of losing them on the floor or moving them over to clean off the table after meals. I needed something to contain the toys. I had a few empty plant pots back in the pantry, so I grabbed one to stash the toys in. Simple and it doesn't look bad if left out on the table.

Then, there was the junk drawer type items:
We don't have a junk drawer, per se, but we do have a lot of random stuff that was just laying around, usually on the kitchen counter. Notepads, post-its, pens and pencils, my laptop mouse, memory card reader, thumb drive, the video camera. I also keep Morgan's combs and brushes along with some ponytail holders and barrettes in the kitchen since I usually pull her hair back before meals. We had a leftover silverware tray that we used in the old kitchen, so instead of letting it just lie around, I wrangled up all of this loose, but useful everyday stuff, and organized it within the compartments of the tray. Very simple and it's kept out of sight, but within reach, in the same cabinet as the bib basket.

Another problem area was all of the loose little baking stuff stored in the pantry.
The muffin and cupcake papers, sprinkles, cookie cutters, extracts, and candles. All very small and likely to go missing in our deep pantry roll trays. The last time I bought clementines at the grocery store, I kept the wood box they came in. Right away, I had come up with a use for it. It was the perfect size to keep all of these little baking supplies and I could just tuck it away in the pantry and pull the whole thing out when I need it. Some day I want to fill an entire box with sprinkles. Just because.

Like it or not, we use food as a reward for Morgan's potty efforts. And I wanted to keep them out in the open as a reminder and motivation for her to keep doing a good job.
Before the holidays, Mark installed some open shelves in the kitchen (which I haven't completely figured out how I want to arrange or decorate yet) but for now, I am displaying her special treats here in a couple of empty IKEA jars.

Sometimes people seem to get overwhelmed with the whole idea of getting organized. It can be a lot to absorb, and a lot of work, but often, it's as easy as putting like items together in the place you use them. You don't have to buy a trunkload of matching plastic storage bins to "get organized." You can just as easily make a home for your things with stuff you already have.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morgan Lately

These are just some of the tidbits of the funny, adorable, 'ohmygod-she's-not-a-baby-anymore-she's-a-little-girl moments from the last few months:
  • is a pro at 12-piece puzzles.
  • while in the children's section at Borders, she asked a little boy "Can I play with you?"
  • explains everything and loves to give us a reason for why she is doing something, needs something, etc. We are hearing a lot of "because...". Sometimes she's right, sometimes she's wrong, but it's always super cute.
  • knows "I'm going to be 3 this year (holds three fingers up), and Parker is going to be one (holds up one finger)."
  • loves car carts at the grocery store.
  • is afraid of the big bad wolf (but loves the story) and thunder.
  • flips over dark (slightly overcooked) pancakes because they are "too spicy."
  • is a fantastic colorer (is that a word?). Never thought I would see a 2-year-old color in the lines.
  • and she also draws the most adorable people. I must photograph and post.
  • puts snack bowls and sippy cups in the sink when she is finished with her snack. Also puts wrappers, tissues and banana peels in the garbage. Love my little helper!
  • tells us to have sweet dreams at nap time and bedtime.
  • "Why?" Why?" "Why?" 'nuf said.
  • knows how to start the dishwasher.
  • nurses her baby dolls and sets her mommy doll in the chair with the baby in mommy's arms to nurse her. My jaw dropped when she did cute!
  • "Morgan has nibbles and Daddy has nibbles and Parker has nibbles. Mommy has pods." I'll let you figure out what she means. :)
  • can talk your ear off.
  • hates having her hair combed. The smallest tangle will send her to tears.
  • dances in front of the (turned off) TV screen because she loves looking at her reflection. Her current must-play-over-and-over-and-over-because-I'm-memorizing-the-words is Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
  • would eat chickie wickies (chicken nuggets) at every meal if we let her. Luckily she is still a really good eater, for a toddler. 
  • I love that we can have conversations with her. And reason and negotiate with her. And she understands, with very little drama. Most of the time.
  • knows how to turn on the TV in the family room (which is always on PBS). Especially helpful for those rough mornings that we are having a hard time getting out of bed. She loves to watch Super Why in the morning while I'm getting around, dressing Parker and making breakfast.
  • tells me "it was good" after one of "her shows" is over.
  • still loves listening to Christmas music. LOVES Let It Snow and All I Want for Christmas.
  • loves to role play and I'm realizing more and more that I not only need to watch what I say, but how I say it. Sometimes I hear a tone in her voice that I don't like.
  • has been using the potty for the last two weeks with no accidents (knocking on wood). 
  • has also pretty much stopped napping in the same amount of time.
  • And a conversation between Morgan and Mark last November:
Mark: "Morgan, do you want some cereal?"
Morgan: "Sure." climbs up on a chair at the counter "Monkey wants to watch too."
Mark: "Is Monkey a voyeur?"
Morgan: "NO! Monkey is a girl!"
  • And early this morning:
Morgan: "Mommy, why are you sad?"
Me: "I'm not sad, sweetie, I'm just tired."
Morgan: "Why?"
Me: "Because Parker was up a lot last night and I didn't get enough sleep."
Morgan: "Oh. Well that's not very nice."
  • And one of my favorites, "Mommy, you're a great mommy!"
I feel like I'm only skimming the surface. I will probably continue to add on to the end of this post as I think of more. Morgan is such an amazing little girl and I am so happy I get to spend my days with her. I am one lucky, lucky mommy. I love you, peanut!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

December Daily 2010: preparation

During nap time yesterday, I emptied the box I was keeping my December Daily album, photos and ephemera I was saving to add between the pages. I spread everything out on our mudroom counter and now my piles are stacked and my supplies are ready to go.
This is going to be a nice little big workstation for me to keep things out on so I can work on my album whenever I get a chance. After reviewing my blog posts to refresh my memory on what each page was going to be about, I think I'm finally ready to scrapbook. I hope it doesn't take too long to put together. I know as well as anyone that things come up. That's why I work best with a plan. And a deadline. My photos are already in day order, my notes are organized and I'm just going to do one day at a time. December 1, December 2, December 3...until it's finished. I think the end of February is a manageable deadline. Then I will share the whole thing here!

Monday, January 17, 2011

getting going

I don't know what it is about Mondays lately. I feel frazzled and unmotivated and exhausted. I know what I should be doing but I'm having a hard time getting going (getting going?).

Last weekend, however, was excellent. Sledding and hot cocoa. Pizza and Great Pumpkin Dessert. Girl time out of the house and shopping with my sister. Fires and a really nice visit with my parents.

This week is full of personal and household goals. First up: focus and snap out of this fog. Mr. Parker is in dire need of clothes. His pants are so tight they look like Morgan's leggings. I can't believe I'm shopping for 12 month clothes for my seven month old. Continue rearranging and organizing around the house. And folding 4 baskets of laundry. My favorite part. Plus I need to cut out the crap that is overwhelming me. Like my Google Reader. And email subscriptions. And I plan to start my December Daily album and eventually share the other little project that involved this big stack of photos.
I think I might be catching on to what would make me feel better. I read this article last weekend and am really taking it to heart. I find the mornings that I can get up even a little bit before the kids are the days that I feel the best. The most focused. The most productive. The most fun. Of course, getting up a little earlier means going to bed earlier. That is not an easy feat for me but this week I'm really going to work at it. Let's see how I do and get going.

Friday, January 14, 2011

5(x2) favorites for Friday: baby edition

With Kristin's baby shower coming up in just a couple weeks (plus I'm in the midst of getting rid of a lot of Parker's too small clothes and baby equipment), I've been thinking a lot about some of my favorite things we've had around for Morgan and Parker.  When Morgan was born, we were living in a one-bedroom condo and didn't have a lot of room, or desire, to have a ton of baby stuff. Just the essentials. We learned a lot about what products we liked and didn't like. What to keep for baby2 and what to give away and look for a replacement. Between Morgan and Parker, these were just a few of my favorite baby must-haves:

Skiphop Studio diaper bag - my mom got me this diaper bag shortly before Parker was born, as I was likely going to need something bigger to haul around all the stuff needed for an infant and a toddler. It's an awesome bag! It looks great. It's roomy. I am able to always keep in it: a couple of diapers for each kid, wipes, a changing pad, at least 4 snack options for Morgan, hand sanitizer, a small first aid kit, a burp cloth, kleenex, and crayons and paper to keep Morgan busy. Plus, there are insulated pockets for a sippy cup for Morgan and a water bottle for me, pockets for my wallet and cell phone, my planner, pen and keys. There's a zippered antimicrobial pocket on the outside to keep the unexpected stinky or wet stuff in until I get home. And inside there are straps you can use to hook it to your stroller handle. Plus, now that we are back on the potty training wagon with Morgan, I can still fit her potty seat and a change of clothes in it without the bag being too terribly bulky. This is definitely a bag I will be using beyond the toddler years.

Beaba spoons and bowls - I splurged on these spoons for Parker since he is home with me all day. They are silicone, so no worries about BPA, and they look and feel cool (as I'm sure you can tell that's a big deal to me). They have a nice long handle and Parker likes to gnaw on them too. I'm sure they are going to last beyond the time we'll need them. Unlike the spoons we used for Morgan, which were kinda small and stained instantly after feeding her sweet potatoes. The bowls were an awesome gift from my parents. They are the perfect size, dishwasher safe, and now, his tableware matches. And that's just plain cool.

Boon Grass drying rack -Yes, we had a perfectly fine drying rack we used for Morgan's bottles. But damn, this one looks so much better in our new kitchen, on our new countertops. It doesn't look like a baby bottle drying rack. And it doesn't get gross and gunky because the water drips into it's own little tray and we can put both parts in the dishwasher. Actually, I probably use it for more non-baby stuff that I hand-wash or wasn't completely dry out of the dishwasher. I use it to hold everything from my french press parts to pacifiers, bottle parts to wooden spoons and measuring cups. We don't have a ton of countertop space, so the small footprint is perfect. This is another 'baby item' that we'll keep around for a while.

Moby Wrap baby carrier - I knew, being home with a newborn and a toddler in the middle of the summer, I was going to want to get out of the house as often as possible. We have a large walkable neighborhood and a park closeby, but I didn't want to invest in a double stroller. So, right before Parker was born, I bought a Moby Wrap. Yes, it's a little intimidating pulling out 15+ feet of fabric and trying to wrap it around you just right. But after a good week of practicing and carrying Parker around the house, I was comfortable putting it on by myself, leaving the house and putting Parker in it safely on my own. It may have been easier if he wasn't the size of a 3 month old when he was born, but we made it work and I really got good use out of it last summer and fall. I was happy to see Kristin had registered for one for her twins because I've read that it's probably one of the only baby carriers you can use with two babies.

Sophie the Giraffe teether - she's cute, she squeaks and she's French! Morgan loved her and so does Parker. And now it looks like she's spawned off all kinds of different teethers. My mom got a mini Sophie with handles for Kristin's twins. :)

Thirsties Fab Wipes - Even if I didn't use cloth diapers on Parker, I would still be sold on cloth wipes. I love these soft wipes, especially for big, poopy, I'm-eating-solid-food-now messes (much nicer than a thin disposable wipe). I just dunk one in some warm soapy water, wipe and toss in a diaper bag. Now that Parker doesn't need a diaper change as often as when he was a newborn, I split up our stash and keep half of the wipes in the kitchen to wipe messy, sticky hands and faces after eating and just throw it in the laundry basket.

Itzbeen baby care timer -We were a bit anal with Morgan and logged every ounce she drank, every nap she took and every tablespoon of food she ate in a journal for almost her entire first year. With a little experience under my belt, I didn't feel like I needed to do that with Parker. So when I saw the Itzbeen on clearance at Target (I think I snagged it for $7 last winter!), I grabbed it immediately.  It keeps track of the last diaper change, feeding and nap. Plus there is another button you could use for almost anything. I used it to keep track of when to take my pain medications after my C-section and later, as an hourly alarm to get Morgan to try to use the potty last summer. Eventually, she knew when she heard it beeping, she'd yell "potty time!" and ran to the bathroom. After 7 months, even though Parker has pretty much put himself on a bit of a feeding and sleeping schedule, I'm still using it. Especially to keep track of his nighttime feedings, which I tend to be half asleep for and forget when the last one was.

Skip Hop Toolbox diaper caddy - In the condo, we didn't have room for a changing table for Morgan, so we just kept this diaper caddy on our dresser, full of enough diapers and supplies we needed to have handy. Diaper cream, lotion, QTips, cotton balls, Boogie Wipes, Vaseline, etc. For Parker, I keep the caddy on his dresser and put his cloth wipes in the large diaper section. They look pretty cute just stacked out in the open.

Rockin' Green cloth diaper detergent - I originally learned about this detergent through Emily and her cloth diaper store, No Pins Required. It's marketed as a cloth diaper detergent but I, as well as many of their customers, use it on everything I wash in the wash machine. It's free of all the crap that is in regular laundry detergents (which is very important with cloth diapers) and it comes in some super yummy scents. We're using Smashing Watermelons right now and I'm about due to buy more in the next couple weeks. Maybe Mighty Mighty Marshmellow?

Skip Hop Playspot play mat - I guess I should just put Skip Hop as a company on this list. My parents got this play mat for Morgan for her first Christmas and it got a ton of use on our hardwood floors in the condo. At our new house, it helped define her play space. It was perfect for us in her pre-crawling through walking stages. Plus, again, it looked nice in our living area and not so much like a play room.

What are your favorite baby items?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Little Word: January

Our January assignment for the One Little Word class consisted of two prompts. The first was to take a photo (or ask someone to take a photo) of yourself and add this digital overlay to it. I made my photo black and white, just to keep it neutral and hide those lovely imperfections. :)
Easy peasy. This 5x7 layout goes on the back of the 5x7 title page that was our pre-class assignment I showed you hereWe are using Pink Paislee album refills that come in 4 different sizes. I've never seen anything like these before and they've been really fun to play with so far. Very unique to say the least. And I love albums with mixed up page sizes.

The second prompt included filling out 5 little 2x3 cards with information about the word we chose. We had to define it, find similar words, find a quote using your word, explain why you chose the word, and document what you hope to bring into your life with your word this year. Here is mine (you can click to enlarge and read it better):
In the other 4 spaces we could add whatever we wanted. Patterned paper, a collage, more words. Whatever we wanted. In the top right corner, I used a scrap of old Hambly transparency (so it is see- thru). The green Thickers spelling FOCUS are actually on top of the page protectors. Something a little different. Adds a little texture too. The top photo in this post shows a good detail of it. The middle left paper is a paper bag from Starbucks. I clipped a 2x3 section and used removable adhesive to attach it to some regular printer paper and ran it through the printer to add the FOCUS column. Then I just removed it from the paper and slip it in my page protector. The other two spaces are just patterned paper. One is some old Kristina Contes paper. The other is KI Memories Love, Elsie paper. Old(ish) stuff. Other than buying the page protectors, this will be another project where I'm going to use what I have. Because I have plenty. It looks like I'm going with a green and neutrals theme in this album.

I love this project! As if there was any doubt I would. Yes, we are only in month one, but the assignments are easy and I see no problem with keeping up and having a finished album by the end of the year. Ali said she doesn't think all of the monthly layouts will fill up the album, so I'm probably going to do a Week in the Life project later this year and put it behind my One Little Word stuff. Make it sort of a 2011 album.

Thanks for letting me share!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RIP noo-noo

Monday afternoon, when Morgan was supposed to be napping (we opted for quiet time in her room instead), she ran out of her room, a little bit dumbfounded, holding out her precious noo-noo and said "My noo-noo is broken!" and threw it on the floor.
My good friend, Jeanette, got this little lovey blanket for Morgan back when she was just baby-wait-and-see. You can see from the picture above, that it was just hanging on by a thread, and it was well loved. Here is what it looked like when it was new. When she was about to turn one, she was so attached to it that I was afraid we could potentially have a very upset little girl if we ever lost it, so I bought a second backup noo-noo. After a while, she knew she had two and carried them both around. Now, after almost three years, she still has the backup noo-noo and I've retired the original to her memory box with other goodies like her pregnancy and baby journals and her beloved ba-ba (pacifier).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

color coded

Morgan and I finished a little color and size organization project yesterday. We are slow-but-sure starting to furnish our living room and Mark moved a bookshelf out there for me to put our books back on it, out in the open instead of in boxes and cabinets.  Originally I was going to organize it by topic - health, architecture, graphic design, scrapbooking, etc. but some of the subjects overlap. And it was boring. I had seen, several times, people organize their books by color and thought that might look nice. So I called Mark at work to get the okay (that's all I needed was to spend an hour sorting them by color and then Mark get home and tell me 'no way, that's lame!') and he agreed it sounded cool. Plus it will be pretty effortless to figure out where to return the book when we are done reading it. So away we went.
It was easy enough and Morgan was a big help. We stacked them red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, gray and white. Then biggest to smallest. We put them on the shelves anchored by some simple cheapy IKEA bookends. One hour and done. Here was the end result:
Looks pretty cool and there's room for a few more books.

The white and red FARMAX book in the 'red' section is there so it is out of reach of little fingers. This first edition book I bought for a class in college was once out of print and worth much more than the $35 I spent to buy it in 1998.

Monday, January 10, 2011

this morning

  • Parker is still sleeping. Happy he slept well last night despite being sick.
  • Morgan and I ate breakfast together. Mallow Oats and a banana for her. Peanut butter on a bagel and coffee for me. I'm geeked about trying the Chai and Almond Joy creamer I picked up yesterday.
  • It's 19 degrees outside. Brr...
  • I bagged up some baby food cubes for Parker. Apple-pear. In the freezer next will be sweet potato-carrot-pea.
  • This is the 5th morning Morgan has decided she wanted to wear undies instead of a diaper. She's been wearing them all day every day except for when she sleeps. So far so good. I'm hoping this round of potty training sticks. She's doing great!
  • I am embracing that she insists on not wearing pants or socks lately. She's more comfy without pants I guess. It's easier to use the potty too. I've asked if she is cold but she says her house keeps her warm (as I'm wearing three layers and 2 pairs of socks). And she won't wear socks (or keep them on for long) because I painted her toes last week and she can't see her nail polish with them on. True enough. I've learned to not sweat it either. It's not worth arguing about. Until we decide to leave the house.
  • Going to the post office and Target later.
  • I should clean up our mess on the kitchen table but think I will help Morgan build a Lincoln Logs barn instead.
Happy Monday!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Parker: seven months

  • got his two front bottom teeth just before Christmas. See, he beat Morgan at something!
  • smiles or laughs when he sneezes
  • can get down onto his belly from the seated position, but
  • gets very frustrated that he hasn't figured out how to really crawl yet. Soon, bud! He falls flat when I lift his hips to get him up on his knees. He is getting as much floor time as possible so he can practice.
  • Parker does, however, do a mean push-up and rocks the army crawl.

  • bounce-dances to Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • loves Peek-a-Boo, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the ABC's sung by Morgan, Coldplay and Rockabye Baby Tool Lullabies.
  • favorite food right now is probably banana. He hasn't completely refused anything yet. Oh wait, except oatmeal. I love how he gives everything a tiny little test bite to see what it is. Parker also loves to practice drinking water from a sippy cup.
  • will turn the tiniest speck of food into a huge mess. But damn, he's so cute! Even in his sister's bib.

  • loves to chew or suck on a wet washcloth - especially after eating or during a bath.
  • graduated from the kitchen sink to the tub for baths. He was making a huge mess, kicking and splashing, getting water everywhere. He loved his first big boy bath last night. Morgan is really excited about them bathing together.
  • puts everything in his mouth and is not afraid to express his extreme dislike for me when I take the bad stuff away or relocate him.
  • completely adores his sister and watches her every move (this isn't a new thing, I realize). I have a cute video from last month that I need to post of them 'talking' to each other.
  • starting to babble, just a little bit, and buzzing his lips, a lot. I love that we are starting to hear his voice. I'm working on 'mama.' We've also been signing a little bit to him - more, milk and all gone. We'll see if it sticks.
  • has become more interested in his toes and promptly rips of his socks during diaper changes.
Happy seven months, P! XO, mama.

Today: we are hanging low and watching the snow fall. Ever so slowly. Parker is battling a runny nose, so I've been trying to convince him how much better a clear nose and dry face feel. He's not having it. My planner is just about filled in and I think I'll be experimenting with how I use the space in the coming weeks. It's very flexible and I love that. I've made time to Shred 6 out of the last 8 days. Not bad. I also received my photo order yesterday and want to sort through that at nap time. I'm hoping by the end of the weekend I can get my thoughts together and have something relevant to write about some day soon. Happy Friday and happy weekend!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

back in the swing

It's a new year and I'm in the process of unscattering my thoughts, my intentions, my to-do's. Like my brain, this post might be a bit scattered and random, but here goes.
  • After almost two weeks off, Mark is back to work and greatly missed around here. It was incredibly nice to have him home. To watch him play with the kids and their new toys. To enjoy Belgian waffles with him. To see him relax. To relax with him. Morgan was pretty sad to hear that daddy went to work yesterday. At nap time, she asked, "Does daddy take a nap at work?" Ha ha, I bet he wishes he could.
  • Ali's One Little Word class started last week. This year I chose Focus. Focus on what is important - my family, myself, my home...Focus on not just doing what needs to get done, but making time to do what I want to do for myself. And as a family. Learn how to recognize my distractions and limit them. I'm sure this word will come to mean more to me as the year goes on but this is a good start. Ali is giving us monthly prompts and I'll share my layouts as I complete them. First I need some fresh printer cartridges.
  • No resolutions this year, just like last year. I work much better when I give myself goals. Monthly goals. Nothing terribly formal. Just things as simple as going to bed earlier (that's not going so well tonight) and getting Morgan motivated to use the potty again, to planning the kids birthday party, working on a few scrapbook projects and wrapping up some around-the-house stuff. Some are more important than others. What gets done, gets done. I'm just going to take it one month at a time.
  • I got my planner today. I love it! I'm actually a little nervous to start writing in it. Maybe tomorrow.
  • I ordered over 300 photos last weekend so I can promptly work on my December Daily album, plus another little project I have up my sleeve.
  • On the health and fitness front, I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred last week. The first day or two were rough, but after a week, I don't feel like I'm going to throw up (or die) afterwards. I'm a good sore and I hope I can stick with it because I don't think I've truly worked out since, I dunno, 2007? gasp!
K, seriously, time to hit the sack. Once I can get all my ducks in a row, I'll strive for less blah, blah, blah on this blog. :)