Friday, August 27, 2010

a conversation with Parker

He is a chatty little dude. And smiley too...see for yourself.
I wish I woke up from a nap this happy!
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

tonight, tonight

  • watching the Lions game with Mark (they are winning!)
  • neglecting my to-do list, and the laundry
  • thinking about making these for breakfast tomorrow morning
  • uploading photos of Parker on facebook (it's about time)
  • contemplating buying tickets to shows for Morgan and us in October.
  • enjoying a glass of wine
  • which has resulted in giggling uncontrollably ;)
Today was huge for this 'lil babe. She's been wearing underwear for the majority of the time we spend at home (other than nap and bedtime) and we've been taking hourly trips to the potty in an attempt to get her potty trained. She rocks when it comes to peeing on the potty. Poop - not so much. Yeah, sorry. This is a poop story. If this is TMI, skip to the next paragraph. Like a lot of kids, she just hasn't been able to do it. She's had several accidents that she was obviously embarrassed (and uncomfortable) about, so without scolding her, we just tried to explain that she needs to tell us when she needs to go potty. That we don't poop in our underwear. But today she did it. She went to the bathroom, completely on her own while I was making lunch, saying "I have to go potty". I didn't think much of it until she yelled "I went potty!" As I went to check on her, she said "I pooped in the potty". Seriously? Yup! I was so happy for her! Ha ha! It was the highlight of the day. And we were sure to make a huge deal of it. We told Morgan how proud we are of her and she said "I'm proud of myself too."

This week: I've been on a little organizing kick. Our kitchen countertops were installed on Wednesday (and they are awesome!) so I got to finish rearranging all of our stuff. And now that we're getting into a routine with Parker, I've been bitten by the scrapbooking bug and started pulling all of my scrapbook stuff out of storage and paring it down to the essentials. I have a couple of projects to start and a couple of projects to finish. But first I wanted to simplify. I'm not getting rid of anything though. Just moving it into a cabinet in our family room as a jumpstart to a little arts and crafts cabinet for the kids. Paint, stamps, paper, playdoh...behind childproof latches.

Tomorrow: another trip to the beach with Morgan's BFF Lola and her family. This time, the pond at Island Lake Recreation Area. Sun and 81 degrees, nice!

This coming week should be interesting...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thornbrook Renovation: Chapter 7

Our kitchen 3 weeks ago:2 weeks ago: 1 week ago:Yeah, we have a kitchen again! Everything is completely brand new and although this is a smaller version of our original plan - I still love love love it and it's not even done yet.

We are doing things a little backwards, but it was the best solution to keep us in a fairly functional kitchen. Mark mudded the walls after a little drywall repair work and filling in where the soffits used to be, but we still need to prime and paint (and pick a color for that matter). The bamboo floors will be installed later too since they will also go through our living room and sunroom.

The countertops were templated last Wednesday and are scheduled to install on the 18th. (We love the Cambria that we put in the family room and mudroom.) Which means we'll also have our sink and dishwasher back. We picked up some cabinet hardware at IKEA on Saturday. We have one more wall cabinet on the way to put between the window and dishwasher. And Mark is also going to add some crown molding.

Last week after the kids were in bed for the night, I kept busy by organizing and refilling our new cabinets. Everything seems to work pretty well, but I think I have a little bit of rearranging to do.

I'm thrilled that the peninsula and that useless lazy susan are gone. We now have 3 decent workspaces instead of 1. The oak cabinets and pink countertops are gone. The OLD appliances are gone. **Except our refrigerator that we bought new when we moved in last May. If anyone wants, or knows someone who wants, a 30" wide white refrigerator, give me a shout. Mark is putting it on Craigslist tonight.**

I think it's pretty amazing we only went one week without cabinets. Huge thanks to Mark and his mom for working so hard, especially for busting their asses on that quick one day demolition and clean up. And to my parents for letting the three of us stay with you and out of the mess for the weekend.

More photo updates to come. I might even get ambitious and show you how I organized the cabinets because I'm into that sort of thing. I think I may be inspired to cook and bake again.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Parker: two months part two

Our little linebacker was a champ at his 2 month appointment this morning. He is sleeping soundly in my arms now after his first round of vaccinations. And we all heard an unexpected first as Parker laughed while she checked his hips. We want to try it for ourselves later today, in front of the camera of course. :)

Here are his stats:
Weight: 13 pounds 13 ounces
Length: 25 inches

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Parker: two months

Happy 2 months Parker!
Here's the latest from this past month:
  • recognizes Mark, Morgan and I. At first it was our voices. He especially loves his daddy's voice - you should see his face light up when Mark comes home from work. Now it's our faces. He watches very intently as Morgan plays. And it warms my heart to see him stop fussing when he sees me. :)
  • loves to be upright - while being burped, snuggling chest to chest and walking around in the front carrier.
  • after a little experimenting, I decided to keep him swaddled at night. Between that and a small high velocity fan as white noise, Parker has gone from sleeping 4-6 hours in one stretch at the beginning of July to 7-8 hours straight now. That first 8 hour night freaked me out - I woke up in a panic and rushed to his room, sure something was wrong. No worries mommy, I'm just sleeping...zzz...
  • attended his first Reaves family reunion. Below is a pic of Parker with Mark, his dad and grandpa - four generations of Reaves men!
  • continues to gain more head and neck strength. Now he's even starting to try to lift his head when he is in his bouncy seat or carseat. Parker also sat in the bumbo chair for the first time last week.
  • joined us for our first meal out as a family of four. Nothing big, just lunch at Potbelly. Of course, he slept through the whole thing, just 10 feet away from the lunch hour musician.
  • prefers the bouncy chair over the swing. In case you couldn't tell from all the pictures!
  • gives tons of huge gummy smiles, cooing and squeals. Love those squeals!
  • enjoys being out and about. Good thing, because I don't like sitting around the house all day and Morgan likes to see other kids. We've hit Heritage Park and Shiawassee Park, took a trip to the beach at Pontiac Lake, the library's storytime in downtown Farmington and lots of errands.
  • began turning his head to follow sounds and movement, especially people.
  • packed up his newborn x-small cloth diapers a couple weeks ago! And he is just about done with the 0-3 month clothes. We think he'll weigh-in around 13 pounds at his two month checkup on Monday. I will share then.
  • likes to gnaw on his fists and is drooling like crazy. I hope he isn't teething already??