Friday, April 30, 2010

6 Years

(Eiffel Tower * Paris, France * September 2005)

Happy Anniversary Mark!
so looking forward to our no-jeans-allowed evening together.
Love you!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Seven

Sunday April 25 2010
  • yeah Morgan! She didn't make a peep all night and slept until after 7am. We heard her wake but she seemed to stay in her bed even though her door was wide open. She even started calling "mommy" like she used to do from her crib (like she couldn't just get out on her own). I answered back "Morgan, come here" and she ran across the hall to our room. She was completely fine and says she loved her new bed.
  • typical Sunday morning around here: clean diaper, breakfast, unloading and reloading the dishwasher and cleaning off the never ending piles that collect on the kitchen counter.
  • Mark vegged out in front of the TV and watched the end of Fight Club while Morgan and I play on the internet. She loves to watch the videos on the camera of her counting and singing ABC's.
  • feeling very lazy. It's 11am and we are all still in our pj's. Maybe a hot shower will help.
  • time for lunch: quesadillas for mommy and turkey dogs for Mark and Morgan.
  • 1pm: Morgan is pretty eager to take a nap. She crawled right in bed and Mark covered her up without a fuss. She probably didn't fall asleep until after 1:30 - whenever we'd peek in at her she was playing with her animals or noo-noo. She must've tossed her pacifier too because Mark caught her crawling out of bed to get it - then crawled back. hee hee. As always, these changes are always harder on mommy than baby.
  • got a burst of nesting energy and started making piles of boxes and baby stuff. Moved Morgan's things to her new room. Moved baby2's things to his crib for now. Took the rest of my clothes to our bedroom. Emptied the closets so I can start priming them and the bedrooms this week. Feeling anxious. Time is ticking.
  • 2:30pm: Red Wings playoff game #6 is on. Phoenix already scored 5 minutes in. Poo.
  • I'm not jazzed about the dreary weather this weekend. Checked the weather for next week. Of course, sunny and 60's like last week. Of course.
  • Morgan woke from her nap just after 4:30 and the three of us snuggled on the couch for a bit. Really love this lazy day. Can't remember the last time the three of us have done this.
  • made and ate dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. Mark took out his last gallon of cider from the freezer to thaw in the fridge and Morgan dragged it out to him in the living room asking for some. It wasn't easy, but he finally convinced her that it wasn't ready to drink yet because it was still hard. Maybe tomorrow sweetie.
  • finally, the kitchen counter is cleared off. I hope it lasts longer than 24 hours.
  • Morgan took a bath and dressed into her pajamas. We read a few books and then it was time for bed. Sigh. She went down as easy as she always did in her crib. Hugs and kisses, bear, kitty, blankets and noo noo. Night night. No tears, for her at least. I'm just happy it will get easier.
  • thinking about watching Food Inc that we recorded earlier in the week. My legs are terribly restless right now so I don't know how long I'm going to last.
Yeah, the week is pretty much over. Thanks for all the nice comments. Now for the fun part - putting the album together. Ali designed some great digital templates for this project that would make creating photo collages super easy. We'll see what route I take. I better do it sooner than later so I don't forget anything.

We now continue with our regularly scheduled programming.

Week in the Life: Day Six

Saturday April 24 2010
  • Morgan woke around 7am and Mark brought her to bed with us. She was wide awake but laid there quietly with us until she couldn't take it anymore. "Up, up, up" she said to us. She even puts her hands under Mark's head to help him lift it.
  • Mark made us cinnamon pancakes for yum.
  • got ready for the day which this morning included packing a bag or two and going to IKEA. We got there around 10 and bought lots of goodies, including Morgan's new twin mattress, a fitted sheet to hold her over until her new bedding arrives, throw pillows for her reading nook and lamps for Morgan and baby2. We also bought nightstands for our room.
  • Two hours later, we finally head back home. Mark unloaded the car and we ate lunch.
  • 1:30pm - Morgan went down for her nap. I started assembling the nightstands and Mark went outside to change the oil in the lawnmower and weedwacker. We moved our clothes to our new closet and filled the nightstands. I feel so grown up now - in the 10 years we've lived together, we never had nightstands.
  • Morgan woke up just past 4. We snuggled on the couch for a little bit before my parents arrived. After Mark finished watching the draft, the five of us went to Antonio's for dinner. Fantastic as always. Even Morgan agreed.
  • Since we were already halfway there, we drove out to the hospital to show my parents where it was at. I told Morgan this is where we are going to pick her new little brother up. Mark circled the parking lot and as we started leaving, Morgan got a little upset and kept repeating his name. I think she thought we going to get him right now. Oops :(
  • back to the house. Morgan got more acquainted with her new room and bed while Mark and my dad moved some of her furniture.
  • Bedtime was rough. She was upset and didn't want us to leave until she fell asleep. It took about 30 minutes but she finally fell asleep with Mark next to her.
  • enjoyed a yummy turtle cake my mom made and we visited a while longer.
  • didn't stay up much longer after my parents went home. It's been a long day. Checked on Morgan and we went to bed.
I had a terribly lazy photo taking day Saturday. Not good considering it's the weekend. You think it would have been easier. Today is a new day and I hope I can do better at capturing all the little details. I won't lie, I'm kind of glad this is the last day and can't wait to start putting this album together.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Five

Friday April 23 2010
  • Morgan was up with the birds (I think that is what is waking her up) so I got up with her and we snuggled on the couch for a little bit.
  • we had some Cinnamon Life for breakfast and got dressed.
  • after taking Morgan to school, I vacuumed 10 pounds of saltine cracker crumbs out of the backseat.
  • finally made a half-assed grocery list. I'm majorly stalling. Maybe I'll make the bed...ha ha, no. Move my barf bucket from the side of the bed back to the laundry room. I thought I was going to need it again last night. Thankfully I did not.
  • Buschs, then home to unpack bags.
  • internet check - Google Reader, email, facebook. Just 10 minutes though - I can't get sucked it.
  • shower, comfy clothes, start laundry load #1 of 4, unload dishwasher.
  • eat lunch and watch Bringing Home Baby. I can't get enough of these baby shows.
  • more random to-do's - shredding old receipts, a quick manicure. I ended up back on the internet and bought Morgan's new big girl bedding, baby2's bedding and some storage baskets for their toys.
  • 3pm: laundry is almost done. Push piles around on the kitchen counter. Moved some boxes over to our family room. Talked to Kristin. Texted Mark to see if pizza sounded good for dinner.
  • picked up Morgan at school. Yeah for a happy girl that is excited to see her mommy. Stopped back at home long enough to grab her diaper bag and pick up Mark and we head to Bellacino's for dinner. Pizza and salad.
  • stopped at Heritage Park on the way home to check out the new children's splash pad. Even though it was cool out, we let Morgan run around and play for about 20 minutes. Loved the slides and climbing up the play equipment all by herself. Was not happy about leaving.
  • happy girl played and sang at home until bedtime at 8:30. A lot of Ring Around the Rosey.
  • Mark is laying on the couch watching the draft. Thinking about joining him.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Four

Thursday April 22 2010
  • Happy Earth Day! Morgan and I began the day eating bananas and watching Curious George learn about recycling. She is in a crazy good mood this morning. I even got her hair up in pigtails with minimal screaming.
  • Mark took our trash and recycling out to the street. Made a mental note to get some lawn bags.
  • dropped Morgan off at school. Listened to 89x on my way to the office. Scarfed down some breakfast. I can't tell yet if it's going to be a slow day or not.
  • damn, my shoelace untied. Help!
  • ate lunch and went to Toys R Us to get Morgan a little gift from baby2. Totally forgot about construction and had to take the long way back to work.
  • talked to Mark. We got our appraisal price back already. Not super but not bad either. We talked about our options with renovating the rest of the house and we are confident we will make it work.
  • baby boy is moving around a lot this afternoon.
  • cut up an apple to snack on and ordered this afternoon's cabinet truck.
  • worked on revising our kitchen layout a bit. I'm excited to share it with Mark tonight.
  • inbox is empty - I'm pretty happy about being back in my routine this week and getting some things done tomorrow. Making a list of things to do while I finish cleaning up my desk.
  • finally time to go home. Morgan had a great day and was still singing from music class. It's been perfect weather all week for playing outside after we get home.
  • Mark and Morgan watch Yo Gabba Gabba while I reheat leftovers for dinner.
  • Mark searches for the NFL draft on TV and Morgan and I play on the floor. We have a pile of baby stuff in the corner and I found one of her babies in the carseat. :)
  • 7:45pm: Morgan is very vocal about being done for the day. I get her ready for bed and Mark puts her down.
  • Mark leaves for Dairy Queen. Buy one, get one for 25 cents! Apparently everyone in Farmington has the same idea because they are packed...I balance the checkbook while I wait.
  • Oreo Cookie Jar blizzard...mmm. And The Office is new tonight. The grocery list can wait.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Three

Wednesday April 21 2010
  • spent most of last night tossing and turning and watching the clock. Too hot. Too cold. Sore back. Sore hips. Of course, I found myself most comfortable not long before the alarm went off at 6:25am. I didn't stay in bed long after - got up to shower and get ready.
  • I'm loving the new GAP maternity t-shirts I ordered. They are super long - no fear of my low belly or elastic waistband hanging out today :)
  • I heard little fingers fiddling with the bathroom door. I let Morgan in and give her a big good morning hug. She plays with some hair product and pretends to put it in her hair while I finish up.
  • made my lunch while Morgan sat on the counter munching on some grapes (whole and on the stem - she won't have it any other way).
  • Mark and I made the bed. We never make our bed. Except today we are having the house appraised at 8am.
  • Morgan and I left for school and work around 7:45. Another sunny morning and 46 degrees.
  • More cinnamon toast and chai for breakfast.
  • Good news: We are busy enough at work that some of us are back to a 40 hour work week. Bad news (well, I'm still undecided): It does not appear that I am one of those people.
  • Pandora is on and it's time to work. Checking acknowledgements from yesterday's truck order and verifying semi deliveries for next week. Need to stay on track this morning because I've already got two big orders to place this afternoon.
  • craving another slurpee. What did I start? End up leaving the office at 12:15 for some sunshine, fresh air and frozen cherry deliciousness.
  • called the company we ordered our original bathroom sink from because it's been a week and a half and the website still says it's 'processing at warehouse'. Finally found out it is backordered until the end of May(!) Make note to talk to Mark about it tonight.
  • deleting, replying and sending emails while I eat lunch - cheap and easy, pb&j with Cheetos.
  • read on facebook that Food, Inc. is going to be on PBS tonight. Make a note in my planner to record (or watch) it. Not a bad idea after the way I've been eating lately.
  • baby2 has a bout of hiccups.
  • beat another 3pm order deadline. Ordered the truck, printed plans and did a little invoicing.
  • picked Morgan up from school. She loves to have saltine crackers on her way home. As I was unpacking the car, she climbed up in the drivers seat so she could 'drive'.
  • made dinner - garlic rotini pasta with veggies and chicken. Listened to Morgan recite her version of the ABC's - over and over and over. Her LMNOP babble is the cutest. Even if she is incredibly whiny tonight. I think she likes to hear herself cry sometimes because that's 'what babies do'. Here come the terrible two's.
  • Mark gave Morgan a bath while I took our recycling out to the garage to get ready for trash pickup tomorrow morning.
  • bedtime for Morgan. I called my mom. We make plans to visit and go to Antonio's for dinner on Saturday.
  • Mark and I reviewed our to-do list for the next month. Weekend plans include moving out of our current bedrooms into the newly remodeled ones.
  • crashed on the couch. I hope I can sleep tonight...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Two

Tuesday April 20 2010
  • so comfy in bed this morning. Up late at 6:45am. Morgan woke early, cranky and whiny, calling 'mama, mama' while I rushed to get ready for work.
  • my knuckles on my right hand are getting redder and drier. Mark thinks I need to get some Bag Balm.
  • it was nearly 8am by the time we left the house. I dropped Morgan off at school, then I was back in the car to head to work at 8:05am. Looks like it's going to be another nice day - it's sunny and 41 degrees this morning.
  • toasted a honey wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese for breakfast. And more vanilla chai.
  • time to work - ordered some last minute rushes at 10. Revised and repriced plans for customers the rest of the morning.
  • left the office around 11:30 to run errands during lunch. First, Target. Shampoo, sunscreen, boogie wipes and bubble bath for Morgan. The new Sevendust CD for me. Then, the post office to buy stamps and mail Morgan's birthday party invitations. Love the new abstract expressionist stamps - I'm so easy to please.
  • couldn't pass 7-11 without getting a slurpee. I mixed cherry and Coke. Ahh...delish. Started thinking about being a kid, when Kristin, Becky and I would ride our bikes up to the 7-11 on Telegraph and Joy Road for layered slurpees. We were so cool.
  • back to work at 12:30. Phone calls, orders, more 'emergencies'.
  • finally ate my peanut butter and jelly. Trying to get one of my orders in but I keep getting interrupted with customers and phone calls. Time to put my phone on 'do not disturb'.
  • 3pm - orders are in, truck has been ordered, time to breath. And a little giggling with my coworkers. I'm going to need the next two hours to clean off my desk.
  • left work at 5pm and listened to my new CD on the way to get Morgan.
  • 5:35pm - finally home. Morgan and I walked up to the street to get the mail. Chuckled when I saw Mark, of all people, got mail from Omaha Steaks.
  • we played in the driveway - blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk until Mark got home.
  • tacos for dinner, taco salad for Morgan. I was a little shocked that she at least tried everything...and loved the turkey taco meat the most. Go figure.
  • we got our bathroom faucet in the mail and I got a package from - my album for this project and some more page protectors for my pregnancy album.
  • folded Morgan's cloth diapers. Need to make time very soon to visit Emily's new brick and mortar store and stock up on cloth diaper supplies for baby2.
  • 8pm - Morgan is pooped, time for bed. Mark and I watched a little of the Red Wings playoff game before straightening up the house and getting ready for tomorrow's appraisal. I think we are as ready as we are going to be.