Monday, November 29, 2010

weekend recap

It was a very busy weekend around here and unfortunately Mark has the camera at work today, or I would take a picture of the new wood floors. The last big project is complete and they look so so good. Mark and his mom worked long and hard Friday and Saturday to get them done and they did a super awesome job.

As for the kids and I, we spent the weekend between my parents and Kristin and Troy's house, trying not to interfere too much with anyone's weekend plans. I shopped for snow gear for Morgan and Parker and Morgan happily marched in the house on Saturday to tell Daddy that she was ready to go sledding. Parker has been having fun tossing everything off of the highchair tray (and watching me pick it up) and attempting to eat handfuls of puffs. I received our holiday cards through Simplicity Papers. I lost my thumb drive with all of my digital scrapbooking templates on it and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to getting this house organized and back in order again. Probably just in time to put it up for sale. Ha!

This week: another attempt at the Social Security office (see how I always avoid the un-fun errands?), I need to find a cookie recipe for my annual Christmas cookie making next weekend, pulling out the little bit of holiday decor we have, getting excited for December Daily which starts Wednesday and I need to set up an tear-free intervention on Parker. The kid is absolutely addicted to his pacifier, but he sucks at keeping it in his mouth and insists on sleeping with it. Not so fun.

K, time to try to be productive and condense the to-do list before the kiddies wake. Maybe the last five advent books will show up and I can finish wrapping them. Anyone interested, here is a link to TV Guide's Christmas and Holiday shows and movies through Christmas. Morgan watched a little bit of my favorite movie ever, The Wizard of Oz, last night. She wasn't terribly interested but did sit long enough for the munchkins to greet and sing to Dorothy.


  1. Just got Martha's newest holiday cookie book. Looking forward to a few new treats this year! Can't wait to see your floors :)

  2. Ditto on the floor! It was so nice seeing everyone over the long weekend. :)