Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had as great a Halloween as we did! I have already admittedly consumed far too much sugar in the last two days. I'm trying to steer clear of the 2 full size Butterfingers and Snickers in her basket. Seriously, who does that? And why didn't anyone do that when I was a kid? Yeah candy!! So, anyways, this is how we spent our weekend.
On Saturday, Mark's dad and stepmom came down for a bit to visit and after lunch we got Morgan dressed and ready for her first round of trick-or-treating in Downtown Farmington.

The weather was fantastic and she loved everything about it. She was excited to wear her costume and we really got a kick out of hearing and seeing the other kids reactions, even from behind. FOOOOOOFAAA!! The girl could have been signing autographs. I didn't know she'd be so popular. And she absolutely ate it up. That night she kept asking "Wanna go trick or treating again?"
On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa Frahm stopped by to see Foofa all dolled up and ready to go, again. She got a treat bag filled with all of her favorites - M+M's, Curious George fruit snacks, Hershey bars and Dum Dum suckers - and I got a treat of my own. My parents were on their way home from visiting my Grandma in Alpena, who happens to make my favorite dessert ever, and my mom dropped off three whopping pieces of her apple pie for me. I told Mark it's a good thing he doesn't like pie. Mmm!

After a quickie dinner, we went over to our friends, Kevin and Erika's, house to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. Our subdivision doesn't see much Halloween action because of the acre lots and long street frontage. So like last year, we borrowed their street. Morgan had a blast - walking up to all the houses with porch lights on, yelling "trick or treat", and telling everyone "Hi, I'm Foofa!" She made a killing as she filled and emptied her little basket 4 times. I thought we had been out forever, but we got home a little after 8 with two pooped out kids. Morgan didn't seem as interested in the candy this year as she was last year. I was all prepared with the video camera to capture her crazy sugar high, but not long after we got home and changed, she asked for an apple. Hmpf, more for me!

In other news, my little internet sabbatical last week wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. No shakes, no withdrawls :) It was actually really nice and I got a lot done by not watching time fly by in the glow of my laptop screen. The stuff I was working on is a post in and of itself.

I am crazy excited about the progress in our living room. All of the wood paneling is off the walls and this is the state of the room as I type.

The lumberyard delivered the drywall and supplies this morning and they will be here tomorrow morning to start hanging. One week is all it should take to hang, tape, mud and sand. But, I'm going to have to continue the internet and blogging break again after tonight because our router is going to be disconnected while they work.

So, until then, happy week, happy November and I'll be back soon with lots of pictures and so much to blog about.

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  1. LOVE the post. Well worth the wait! =) Morgan looks like an absolute doll in her outfit. I'm glad she was excited about it all. So funny though that she wanted an apple after she got home. Can't say her mom and dad didn't teach her well with liking healthy foods! Plus, thats just more for you and Mark to eat. Can't wait to see the living room transformation! Hope to see you all soon...