Tuesday, October 12, 2010

don't cry over stinky milk

Bummer! A couple weeks ago when Parker started giving Mark such a hard time about taking a bottle, we also realized that some of my thawed frozen breast milk stinks. Like metal. Of course, it's the really good milk from right after he was born. I'm reading up on it again and it's actually pretty common and not bad for baby. I remember this now from when Morgan was little, but she never seemed to dislike the taste. But Parker,  forget it! Even if it's mixed with fresh milk, he says no way, Jose. All of my milk from June is likely going to go to waste. At least 30 ounces worth. Poo!

In other fun news, we made a mad dash to the GAP last night after dinner and bought a whole bunch of clothes, mostly clearance stuff, for an additional 40% off. That means I got more jeans! Yippee. Leave it to me to get excited about jeans. The kids and I drove halfway across the state and back, trying to stay busy, while Mark stood in line (for nearly an hour) to pay for our goods. Totally worth the late bedtime.

I ordered Morgan's Halloween costume this morning. She will be FOOFA, of course!! :) I'm glad I got that taken care of. I was totally on track to wait-until-the-last-minute like last year. Internet shopping has really become my friend now that I'm home with 2 kids all day. Not because I'm bored and just want to buy stuff. But because they aren't always easy to shop with and we have to work around meals and naps and fun stuff. Another to-do checked off.

One of the builders that I used to work with came by this afternoon and is getting us a quote to drywall our living room. As much as Mark enjoys doing it, I'm so glad he's agreed to leave it to someone else this time and concentrate on another project. They could easily hang, tape, mud and sand in a week, while he is at work. I'd like to get a couple more quotes first, just to compare. I'm taking referrals if you have any!

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  1. Yeah Foofa! I can't wait to see her in the costume.