Friday, September 10, 2010


It's been a hell of a week here.
A lot of unexpected events occurred.
Good and bad.

First, the good:
I am adding a new job to my resume.
Stay-At-Home Mom
I've decided not to return to work so I can be with our sweet children.
Life is too short and I'm not interested in going through all that regret again.
Not right now.

Instead, I will fill my days with smiles and giggles.
Storytime at the library and walks to the park.
Lunch dates with daddy.
Learning and loving.
I'm so excited!

And personally,
a lot more blogging, eventually,
some scrapbooking,
more organizing,
and I think I heard someone peep that he'd have some big house projects finished by Christmas because we are hosting this year. Woah!

Soon, the bad. I still need to come up with the words.


  1. I am very happy for you! Maybe this means we can meet again soon for coffee!

  2. Yay!! It's the best job I've ever had!

  3. Thanks ladies! Sue, I would love to meet up for coffee again!

  4. There's nothing like being a stay at home mom. You'll be spending a lot of precious time with your children; and we all know how fast they grow. I'm very happy for you.