Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Eek! Two napping kids. What's a mommy to do?? A blog update? Ok! It's been a long time, so here's the gist through photos:

Parker is rocking tummy time:
We've had lots of afternoon pool time: And sibling bonding time. We lucked out - they completely adore each other.Coloring:and painting: Lots of alert bright eyes (I'm still trying to capture that smile):and more interest in brightly colored things:
And I can't forget, the kitchen remodel. Goodbye oak cabinets and pink countertops: Although it is completely gutted right now, everything is cleaned up so the house is totally livable. Other than the fact that our kitchen consists of the dining table, a microwave and lots of paper and plasticware. So far, so good. I'm just happy it's the summer and we are able to grill. And ice cream doesn't require cooking. And it won't be like this for very long. It actually looks a lot better than this already. The cabinets are unboxed and waiting for their new home and the new appliances are ready in the garage. Just waiting for another weekend...

There's been so much more. Maybe I'll get a chance to share before the kids start school.

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  1. Yeah Love the update. I know you are way busy and I have been able to see you pretty often ut I still like the updates!!!!