Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Big Girl Room: Before

In case you didn't remember what Morgan's bedroom looked like when we moved in, here is a refresher: Last week we prepped Morgan's room for primer. The space which used to be the home to bunkbeds now has smooth walls.We spent Morgan's weekend naps priming all of the walls, both in her new room and the guest room. Buh bye blue walls! They are just white now, but believe it or not, there will be a color on a few of those walls by the end of the week. And by color, I don't mean gray.

It seems like every day for the last two weeks we've had some kind of package waiting for us at the door. I love fun mail! Morgan's comforter, her sheets, baby2's sheets, storage bins and this week I should be getting all of the accessories I had my eye on back in January. I've also warned Mark that I'm going to need to make one last IKEA run on Saturday.
The closet is empty and the doors are gone, but the shelves and rods are going to stay for now and receive a fresh coat of paint and some fabric curtains as doors. We had the room measured for carpet on Saturday and ordered it tonight.

I'm hoping to accomplish every possible little thing by Morgan's birthday party in two weeks. At that point, the only thing we should be waiting for (maybe?) is carpet. Cramps and sore muscles be damned. This is last minute project planning at its finest.


  1. hey, take it easy! Last time I saw you you were pregnant!

  2. You are really kicking butt. I cannot wait to see the color. Totally new developement from what I was hearing. So excited to see what you have planned. Fun mail is the greatest. It's almost like Christmas. :)

  3. COLOR?!?! COLOR?!?! Wow =) Can't wait to see what color it is!