Monday, March 15, 2010

month 03 goal 01

Make a list of things to do before baby2 is born.

If the last seven months are any indication as to how fast the next two are going to go, I thought I'd consult my handy little pregnancy journal I used when I was pregnant with Morgan to try to refresh my memory on what I should be doing right now to prepare. It is full of important stuff to remember to do - before and after baby is born. The end is near and here is what I still need to do:
  • make an appointment to tour the labor and delivery unit at the hospital. I had Morgan at Providence Hospital in Southfield but I plan on delivering baby2 at the Providence Park Hospital in Novi, which was completed right after Morgan was born. Southfield is very nice, but my OB is right on campus in Novi. And if you know Mark and I, you will know once you see this building why we want to be here. Right babe?
  • arrange care for Morgan while we are in the hospital. VBAC or C-section. Scheduled or on-the-fly. Either way, we are going to need someone to occupy our little girl while we are in the hospital for a couple days. We are now accepting applications. :)
  • start washing baby2's clothes, linens and diapers.
  • think about baby announcement design, supplies to buy and how many to make. Ohhh...another craft project. Surprised?
  • pack our hospital bags.
  • sterilize bottle nipples and pacifiers.
  • scoot Morgan's car seat over and install the infant car seat.
  • figure out the best route to the hospital.
  • get a haircut and mommy-to-be pedicure.
  • oh yeah, and set up his nursery! More on that later...

It's going to be quiet around here this week. If you are following along at all, I've saved the two best (and hardest) to-do's for last, so that's what I'm going to be working on for the rest of the month.

That, and doing anything and everything I can to help get our renovation done. Carpet is the last step and it should be installed in a couple weeks. We have plenty of other little projects to work on in the meantime. It's non-stop up in here and doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Have a great week!


  1. My SIL is due near you, and she is planning on delivering at the Park too. That would be so cool if you delivered on the same day!

  2. Where can I pick up an application? Yes, something tells me that the next few months are going to go fast.

  3. Yeah, time has flown huh...I'm always available for Morgan's personal sitter -- maybe Gramm and I can share?

  4. I'm also happy to fill out an application let me know what ever I can do to help.