Sunday, February 28, 2010

bump in the road

Last week wasn't my best week and it ended even worse.

On Tuesday I got a call from Morgan's daycare, just one hour after I dropped her off, that she had a 101.4 degree fever. Poor baby! My inbox was jam-packed (rare) but I spent the next hour doing what I thought was top priority, since I knew I'd likely be out the next two days, and ran out the door to get my little girl. She had no other symptoms and by Wednesday morning, Morgan's fever had broken and she spent most of her days sleeping (3-4 hour naps) and eating fruit puree slushes and smoothies. All is better now and her appetite is finally coming back.

Thursday was fun. Back to the work grind and gossip about ticked-off co-workers. Really? I'd like to hear some suggestions on what a parent is supposed to do when their child is sick. Blood pressure rising...

On Saturday, Mark and I ran a bunch of errands and choose our master bathroom tile, closet shelving and carpet. We came home with a brand new furnace filter and not 15 minutes after Mark popped it in, the furnace started freaking out. It got worse and worse, sounded like a freight train plowing through the house, and by the time we got home from dinner at Bagger Dave's with Kristin and Troy, it was clanking and cracking. And then nothing. Done. Mark unplugged everything and pulled out the blower and motor.Nice huh? Those were the fan blades for the blower. Somehow they got hung up on a screw and shredded it to bits.

So, at 9pm on a Saturday, Mark was making phone calls and talking to people about finding a replacement part while I painted the family room. In the end, instead of spending $300 for new blower fan, we decided to buy a new furnace. It was 13 years old, so the time was near anyways. Regardless, that put a little kink in our plans.

The heating and cooling guys have been here for about 6 hours and I'm thinking we will have heat in the next couple hours. We are bundled up and snuggling under blankets today. We are also borrowing a space heater from Kevin and Erika and surprisingly, the thermostat hasn't dropped below 58-60 degrees.

Now it's time for some good 'ole USA vs. Canada hockey. I'm looking forward to starting a new week. And a new month.

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  1. Nothing sucks more than unplanned purchases! I'm ready for a new month too. Yeah, March!